Livestream: Granny Shot In Head With Bean Bag At BLM Riot

Leslie Furcron is a 59-year-old grandmother. She was “wilding” with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) mob in La Mesa when she was shot between the eyes with a beanbag. This came 3-4 hours after violence started. The protest had been declared an unlawful assembly at that time by the La Mesa police and the crowd ordered to disperse. She was livestreaming the mob action when she was shot. The riot took place on May 31, 2020 in downtown La Mesa, but the police response to the incident only became available seven weeks later. So, now the entire story is known from several angles.

The Black Lives Matter mob had been spraying the police station with graffiti and throwing rocks and bottles at the policemen and the station. They were also mobbing the station. If they had been able to get control of the station, it would certainly have been ransacked and burned down, like they burned three other, large major commercial buildings that night to the ground. The rioters set fire to an annex of the City Hall, but it petered out before the entire City Hall was consumed. Furcron says in her livestream that the mob was going to burn the police station down. She rushed to the site to join the mob and cheer them on as they tried to burn it down.

The incident was used by local anarchists to justify the ransacking, vandalizing and torching of downtown La Mesa.

This first video is Leslie Furcron live-streaming her arrival at the riot up until the time she was hit between the eyes with a bean bag and taken away in a car to a hospital.

Black-Lives-Matter Granny Films Her Own Police Shooting

This second video is a response by the police to the incident. It was produced by the La Mesa Police Department and released on July 22, 2020.

Police Respond to Bean-Bag Shooting Of Black Lives Matter Granny

The third video was produced by a bystander of the shooting aftermath. The white bean bag can be seen stuck in her forehead. The bean bag has a cloth skirt on it which gives it more stability in its trajectory. Bean bags are not accurate at the distance in this case and it seems highly unlikely the policeman intended to shoot her in the face.

‘Wilding’ With Black Lives Matter, Shot Between Eyes With Beanbag

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    1. According to Alex Jones this is all brought to you by the angry Globalists that lost the
      2016 election! The angry Globalists and their Dem supporters! It’s going to be a very trying weekend Americans!

      1. It’s caused by angry anarchists, far-left progressives and communists, who want to overthrow the American government. If you make it a partisan political thing, you automatically lose a lot of people, who might otherwise agree with you.

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