Why can Obama not be Impeached? – Conservative Apeasement

The Jewish lady, who taught me German over 30 years ago, fled Nazi Germany in 1938 as she was a young girl. She taught us something about the mentality of the average Germans of that time. The Germans in opposition to the Nazis thought Hitler was a kook, but were mostly afraid to act and just wanted to try to out-wait Hitler, thinking he would be voted out in the next election, without them having to take any personal risks. This is just a form of appeasement.

They waited until it was too late. After Hitler’s early successes, he became too popular and powerful to throw out. At the time, I thought people could not be so stupid as to act that way and certainly Americans would not act in such a cowardly way.

Appeasement is just human nature, though, and this is also exactly what the average conservative American is doing today, whether it be Tea Partiers Independents, Republicans or conservative commentators. They try to play politics as usual, be nice to Obama and hope that he will eventually move on without hurting them. They may talk a good game among friends or in an Internet forum, but they are still just groveling cowards, doing their best to not appear that way. They will not go for the jugular vein. Many will not admit that they are intimidated, even to themselves.

Obama Exploits Fear of Social Unrest
Obama Exploits Fear of Social Unrest
If they aren’t afraid of bullying by thugs or social unrest, they are afraid of social rejection and/or damage to their careers. Obama knows perfectly well that, especially politicians fear social unrest, if he were to be impeached and he exploits that fear to the max.

Conservative radio and TV commentators fear that they will offend viewers or upset their owners and advertisers, if they should go past a limit and are too critical of Obama, calling for his removal.

The Tea Party leadership generally has political ambitions of some kind that is dependent on approval by the hierarchy of the Republican Party and the Republicans do not want to impeach Obama for the same reasons. When no one wants to speak out for removal of Obama, it is very difficult to go against the crowd.

To make conservatives start addressing the problem we have to call them out about their cowardice. There is hardly a Tea Party in the country that has had protests calling for Obama’s removal, though there are a number of critical reasons that Obama should be removed right away. With his radical background, he never should have been allowed to become president.

One person or small group of persons in high places will not be able to do this for you, because there are always ways to intimidate individuals. It has to come from thousands of ordinary people speaking up. We have to let them know in no uncertain terms that we think they are cowards and demand that they start addressing the 900-pound gorilla in the room, that Obama should be removed from office.

We have to call these people out about why they are not advocating removal. They will say it is impossible, because the Democrats own the Senate, but it is also impossible right now for the same reason to lower taxes and that does not prevent them from advocating lower taxes. Conservative leaders do not advocate removal of Obama, because they are cowardly appeasers and/or corrupt.

Speaking the truth loud and clear for all to hear is itself important and you never know where it can lead. Everyone can help with this, no matter how little money you have or what your physical condition is.

The less the public speaks of Obama’s removal, the more it emboldens him and his minions to go further. Unfortunately, most conservatives are showing their fear of Obama, try as they might to cover it up with patriotic rallies and speeches. If they would come out in the thousands and say openly that Obama has to go, they would find out that there is really not that much reason to be concerned about it. It is mostly about irrational paranoia and not real risk.

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  1. I certainly agree with the article. We need some big names to get this started (impeachment) and start a ground swell that I think will certainly succeed. There sure is enough examples of obummer lying and the half truths he has told from 2003-2007 and to now current.

    1. Don’t wait for a conservative messiah. He/she won’t be there. The point of the note is that it has to come from the bottom. Waiting for a big man to act is a serf mentality.

  2. Correct. Some of us have been calling for this from the beginning. We now have to act on the information we have gathered. Pass on what we’ve learned. We’ll lose some friends along the way. America is now like a battered girlfriend or wife, refusing to admit the original poor decision of picking a jerk and wallowing in low self esteem and self pity. Slap ’em with the facts! WE need to band together, WE need to spend the time, effort and money to show up at protests. Organize. Spread the facts. There are 2nd amendment rallies, anti this and anti that rallies, small events. We need to pull these together under one cause and take the risk of appearing fools. We keep talking to each other when we need to start talking to everyone else. There are midterms on the horizon, why not start by backing only those that adhere to impeachment. No money, no bumper stickers no lawn signs unless the candidate is pro impeachment. Answer all phone calls and emails and twitters the same way: my time, effort, and money only go to those that are pro impeachment.
    It has to start with us.

    1. It is difficult to get a large fraction of the public on the same page, but if you can get them focused on the obvious truth that Obama has violated his oath of office in multiple ways and has to go, it would be very powerful. “People power” it has been called.

      Don’t let others define a false reality for you anymore. It’s the kind of brainwashing of the public that took place in Nazism and Communism. That is, the political and media cadres tell you what reality is, when you know damn well it’s a lie.

  3. Mike has a great idea here, for instance, I get tons of mail requesting donations, and many have self-addressed stamped envelopes (like cost you no money) and when we receive these ,just use his wording and send them back, if enough people ,did this to every single donation request, some of the beggars would get the idea. We need to state it loud and clear, we will support no one that will not go for Impeachment, and make it public that they will. I copied the wording from Mike, inserting the word “Publicly”. As for the article, so true, Germans were waiting for it ot “blow over” or thinking “how bad can it be?” or he will get removed, and now we are in the same position. We cannot continue to observe the destruction of our Country, and simply hope it will go away. It is not going away, in fact, it is accelerating at a speed, almost no one can keep up with. Do not wait for the next guy to do something, this is about YOUR Freedom, and it is your job to protect it, not someone else’s.

  4. You guys are so right. I’m a Hispanic female and my sister and I have started by holding a function with guest speaker Kevin Jackson Theblacksphere.net and we are targeting churches with minorities, we are reaching out wherever we can. It’s the only thing keeping us going cause I can’t accept or imagine that we have to settle for this creep in the white house for another 4 hrs or longer? We’ve got to turn the tide!!!

  5. “Normalcy bias” is the term associated with the theme of this excellent article. Nothing really bad is going to happen because it never has. There is a tendency with people with this mindset to just overlook the bad things as if they never happened, especially if the bad things haven’t affected them. We are rapidly coming to the point in America where bad things are becoming a natural way of life.

  6. The man is a liar and constantly breaks the rules of the Constitution. He is racist and only hires blacks. Great job restructuring the infrastucture and train tracks and bus systems. We really appreciate it. Obama is one racist son of a bitch. (lightning strikes me dead)

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