Using Children As Passports – Jorge Ramos Teaches Mass Asylum Fraud (video)

Jorge Ramos of Noticias Univision (Univision News) actually provides a pretty good explanation of how parents abuse their children in order to (fraudulently) gain easy entry to the US to ultimately live as illegals. Ramos is teaching how to commit asylum fraud. He points out that all they have to do is pass a low-bar “credible fear” test. If they have a child with them they are released within 21 days into the US. as required by the “Flores Settlement”, Supreme Court case law from the 1997. At the time this was written, they are often being released within a 24 hours, due to the Covid pandemic and legal health requirements.

Trump proved that this massive fraud could easily be stopped by requiring them to wait in Mexico. But Biden, of course, is overturning that program. The video was made in May, 2019, but is becoming relevant again, with Biden re-opening the border.

They are not actually illegal, at first, but only later. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) provides the mostly fake refugees with a document that allows them to live up to a year legally in the US. The are required during this time to start an asylum request with an immigration court. The court gives them permission to live in the US until the asylum request is adjudicated. The CBP document does not, however, allow them to work legally. They have to obtain approval from the court to be permitted legally to work. However, you may assume that many do start working right away. If they fail to file a case, skip their hearings or lose their case, the court eventually issues a deportation order and then they will be illegally living in the US.

The glaring problem in the video is that Ramos doesn’t discuss is most of these people are not legally qualified to obtain asylum from a court. The great majority of them will never obtain it. It’s a massive fraud perpetrated on the asylum system, just to gain easy access to the US and eventually live here illegally.

In the documentary, they are called “good people”, but good people do not commit mass fraud and willingly put their children in danger. These fake refugees are also not criticized in the video for exploiting the children and putting them at great risk, just so they will be able to enter the US to ultimately live here illegally.

This is only one of many families that lost their “passport” into the United States along the way. Of course, when a sad situation like this happens, the leftist media tries to blame the US and not the parents, who are the ones that put their child at risk by exploiting the child as a free ticket into the US, usually for economic gain and social benefits. Neither do they blame those people who support illegal immigration for political or for financial gain.

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  1. This reporter, (if you can call him that), and these people that are “helping” these people cross over ILLEGALLY, are only making things worse for the asylum seekers. Now, if they get caught and are deported, they will not be allowed to seek asylum for over 10 years, and possibly never again. It’s on the people who are telling them to come, if someone gets raped, killed, or dies of heat exhaustion, etc, it is on these people, NOT the asylum seekers. If they want to help them so badly, they should figure out a way to make things safer for them in their own countries. Help them where the problem begins, don’t make the problems worse.

    1. Actually, if they cross illegally, they are still able to apply for asylum. They are just allowed to cut in line in front of the others. Our asylum very much system is screwed up, because some politicians want it that way.

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