Fake Refugee Camp Growing In Tijuana 3/2/21

The fake refugee encampment in Tijuana is growing bigger. This is the pedestrian crossing that is called “Chaparral” on the Mexican side and PEDWEST on the US side on March 2, 2021. Last week there were about 300 people camped out here. They had a few tents, but not so many, as now.

Now, they have covered the plaza and the sidewalk. I asked, a nearby business operator if there are more refugees now or just more tents. That person confirmed that the number of refugees has grown. It’s hard to estimate how many are here, because many are inside the tents. There may be 400-500 people here at this time.

The Mexican federal government just built a huge shelter in Tijuana two years ago that will house 3,000 refugees, called the Carmen Serdan shelter. I assume they are camping out here, partly because the shelter is not open due to Covid.

The way it looks the shelters will probably re-open before too long and we can expect a mad rush to the border. They don’t have to come in caravans, they can come in smaller groups. A huge caravan would attract unwanted, embarrassing media attention for Biden and he has sent a clear signal to those who organize the caravans that he does not want that, at least at this time. However, we can already see this encampment growing and it is most probably the same in other locations.

Fake refugees are also still coming across the border and surrendering to Border Patrol agents. There are still some places where you can just walk across the border, such as Marron Valley, shown here, which is 16 miles east of this refugee camp in Tijuana. There are about seven miles of border near Marron Valley with no border barrier at all. At the bottom of this valley, the line of trees is the Tijuana River bed which is going to be dry or only a trickle most of the time. The border in this location is 100 yards or so on the other side of the river bed. You can see in this image there is no border barrier. A major Mexican highway is nearby and dirt roads lead down to the border. Fake refugees can just walk across the border, even with small children in two. Whether refugees crossing the border in places like this are being released or sent back, I cannot be 100% sure. However, I suspect pregnant women and families with children are being released, already, even if they are not part of the remain-in-Mexico program. Marron Valley may well become a real hot spot for fake refugees in the near future.

Fake Refugee Camp Growing In Tijuana – Bitchute Video

Fake Refugee Camp Growing In Tijuana – Facebook Video

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