SPLC Exposes Black Hebrew Israelite Hate

The podcast below by the Southern Poverty Law Center documents the Black Supremacy and racial hatred practiced by certain groups of the Black Hebrew Israelites, a movement that is related to other Black Nationalist groups, such as the Nation of Islam and pseudo-Christian churches with doctrines based on Black Liberation Theology. The SPLC says that the racism is limited to certain groups, but the broader movement has a similar racist doctrine, it is just that some groups are more outspoken and virulent than others about their supremacist doctrine.

SPLC Report – Ready for War

This is the podcast, from which the above clip was made.

Militant Wing of Hebrew Israelite Movement Growing and Radicalizing

This is a clip of a group of Black Hebrew Israelite street preachers tormenting a young Jewish man on the streets of actually Philadelphia, not Detroit as stated on the clip.

3 thoughts on “SPLC Exposes Black Hebrew Israelite Hate”

  1. this people are ruining the streets of Philadelphia. they must be stopped (legally). They can protest, but this is is not peaceful. this video is very representative of what they do every day..

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