The Unseen Meaning of Jonestown by David Conn

The Unseen Meaning of Jonestown by David Conn

When I warned over those last thirty-five years that, since this cult vulnerability (that pervaded California’s societal hierarchy) had gone unexamined – and therefore unchecked (thus allowing Jones a power brokerstatus) – the same spiritual disease would gradually increase and then reemerge “on a grand national level,” I had no doubts whatsoever. Finally, in the winter of 2007-2008, when I saw the young Senator Barack Hussein Obama, I realized that this was the reemerging. I could see the remarkable parallels to Jones: The narcissism, the charisma, the flare for oratory, the capturing of the gullible media, the blatant rhetoric of socialism, the community organizing, the anger, the total lack of a role model father. It was obvious: the reemergence was upon us.

And the next five years did nothing but prove it.The same as it was with Jim Jones then, the same it is now, with Obama: the fawning media, incapable of objectively vetting him; a leftist political hierarchy that defends, or covers for, his outrageous actions; the deception; the glaring use of the “straw man fallacy”; the excessive fear of having anyone see his private history; the same unexamined claim that there are “many paths” to heaven;the “adoring wife” who goes to great lengths to describe how “caring” her husband is; and the astounding disparity between his public image and his private and personal insensitivities.

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“Jonestown, Its Portent Has Arrived” by David Conn

5 thoughts on “The Unseen Meaning of Jonestown by David Conn”

  1. It’s always a qualifier when someone like good ole’ Conn uses Barack’s middle name, Hussein. It tells people right off that Con is someone who is not fond of Blacks and folks from the Mid East. Using someone’s own name against them is pretty obvious, dont’cha think? Con’s comparison to Jim Jones is so flat. In other words, any politician, any, salesman, any arrogant person with a loving wife who cares about social welfare and societal health could be the next Jim Jones according to David Con I guess.

    In Conn’s article he constantly refers to his books. It’s all too obvious that this article is not about spreading truth, but about selling books. It’s a marketing strategy to make a buck unfortunately.

    Plus he likes terms like, “straw man fallacy,” and “false reasoning.” Real intellectuals don’t use those terms in my opinion. Those are terms that internet arguers and people who like to appear as if they are somehow right use. Those terms SOUND like someone is smart, but they don’t make em’ smart, not by a long shot. Uh oh, am I using ad-homenim? Lol! There’s another one in the pyramid ha ha! 😀 He’s appealing to the lowest common denominator obviously.

    David Conn has been ranting that a new Jamestown massacre is right around the corner for almost 30 years. I guess if another situation finally does go down like Jamestown, even if it happens 20 more years from now he will probably take the credit for it.

    I should start razing Cain like Chicken Little about how candy is bad for kids. Maybe one day some third grader will get a cavity and I will be a prophet lol!

    1. Though Beck danced around Black Liberation Theology quite a lot, he never really got to the point. People are reluctant to dig into religious ideas and Beck belongs to a cultic religion himself, Mormonism. He probably doesn’t want to go there, like most other such commentators.

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