Impeach Obama Protests At His In-The-Flesh Appearances (Video Playlist)

Videos of protests of Obama’s visits to Southern California and other parts of the country. In San Diego, we have been protesting Obama’s visits since September of 2011. One of the best opportunities to protest the wannabe Great Dictator is when Obama visits a city in your area. The event is widely publicized, normally, though there may only be a couple of days notice. The Dear Leader loves adoring throngs of fans. Everywhere he goes he should see only large crowds of angry protesters. Such protests are often shown on the local media and even by some national media. These protests also impress politicians, who may decide to act against Obama’s usurpation. If you think Obama is likely to come to your area, you should be prepared ahead of time with signs, flags, bullhorns, etc. and join other protesters directly at the site of the event whenever possible. The police and SS will normally allow protesters to be within sight of the motorcade. Take photos and video for upload to the Internet. Spread the word.

Click though to YouTube to see the entire playlist contents at one time. Or, just click here.

Protest of Obama Fundraiser in La Jolla, California

Protest of Obama Fundraiser in La Jolla, California

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