Tasha Williamson’s BLM Felon Bodyguard Profiled

When I attended a BLM protest in La Mesa to take video the organizer sicced a mob on me because I am a pro-American blogger. Since this event was in the police department parking lot, I naively thought the police would protect my 1st amendment rights there to take video.

The main culprit in that mob was identified by patriots in San Diego’s East County, who have been tracking him. His name is Stephen Glenn McLeod, a convicted felon, habitual criminal and a user of illegal drugs. Tasha Williamson is a Black Lives Matter organizer and acts as the main spokesperson for them in La Mesa. I never approached them or provoked them and I told them that I had no interest in talking to them.

UPDATE: 9/4/2021 Stephen Glenn McLeod was sentenced on 9/1/2021 for the federal felony of pointing a laser pointer at a police helicopter to 6 months in federal prison and two years supervised release, which is like the federal version of probation. You can read the details of the judgment here.

McLeod was the ringleader of the threatening, hyena-like pack that accosted me and attempted to run me out of the area of the Black Lives Matter event in La Mesa Ca, on August 11, 2020. He works for Black Lives Matter San Diego and part of his role seems to be to serve at their terrorist events as a “strong arm” for protection purposes against opposition and critics. He has a felony conviction and several misdemeanor convictions in Texas. In San Diego, court records online show that he currently has has two misdemeanor charges pending.

Criminal Records for Stephen McLeod in San Diego

Here is video of he event on August 11th. Tasha Williamson is enraged, because I posted video of her in 2018, making a terroristic threat to the City Council to burn down National City, if her demand that the Chief of Police be fired was not met.

Our local media has been suppressing that information about Williamson’s threat for two years before this event, even though she was a candidate for mayor of San Diego in 2020! One would think that threatening to burn down a suburb of San Diego would be of interest to voters. Now, she is making similar terroristic threats to La Mesa City government. A few weeks earlier BLM/Antifa had burned downtown La Mesa to the ground and tried to burn down the police department and City Hall. Dozens of businesses were also looted and several vehicles burned. After their downtown had been burned down by BLM, may pro-BLM posters went up all around he small, liberal city of La Mesa. Is that not sick?

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One thing that McLeod said when he called out DEC (Defend East County) in this video was very true that he would not be too hard to find. Patriot activists in East San Diego County identified his vehicle, found out his name and his YouTube channel.

Below is video of them leading me into the police station. The let me go about 45 minutes later after they said they have discovered that I have committed no crime (against the mob).

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In this next video, McLeod participates in an attack on a neighbor at a protest at the San Diego Police Chief’s residence on August 28th. This was the same night that he is accused of aiming a laser at a police helicopter. Notice the green laser being pointed in the eyes of the beating victim at about 10:00. That was probably McLeod pointing the laser. This is actually McLeod’s video of the event that I am re-using.

McLeod Part Of BLM Mob That Beats Police Chief’s Neighbor (About 9:00)

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McLeod is part of a this group of Black-Lives-Matter anarchists, brawling with police outside the San Diego Police Department headquarters in Downtown San Diego. This event took place on August 24, 2020 at a sympathy for Kenosha protest. The man in blue is Stephen McLeod.

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McLeod put his entire criminal life on YouTube for anyone to see. Here McLeod snorts a couple lines of MDMA (Ecstasy).

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This is an encounter with a cop, after Stephen McLeod was reported for loitering in a school zone. He has an activist attorney, Coleen Cusack, and appears to be setting up cases for her to sue the police. She can probably get her fees from the City when her legal action is successful. Whether at the same time he is trying to make the world safe for pedophiles or even trolling for kids himself, I don’t know.

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Here, Tasha Williamson and her entourage survey the results of her organizing efforts as two banks and another historic business building are burned to the ground on May 30, 2020 at a violent “protest” turned riot in La Mesa. Tasha is wearing a black robe and a head covering. This is the woman above, whom Lord McLeod claims to be “protecting” from me, a non-violent, senior-citizen blogger in the first video above. I attacked her only in written words with the truth.

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FBI Charges Black-Lives-Matter Radical Stephen McLeod With Felony

Tasha Williams archive

16 thoughts on “Tasha Williamson’s BLM Felon Bodyguard Profiled”

  1. His mouth and records show what low life white trash he truly is. Let’s hope he burns himself soon!

  2. @ McLeod – I am not trying to scare anyone, just reporting the facts. People knew who you were before I found out about it or made this post. As can be seen in the video, it was you that called people out and dared them to find you. You only have yourself to blame, if you didn’t want all the personal details about you to be known. Would love to see that interview by the way.

    1. @McLeod, if you weren’t hiding anything and don’t care, why even bother to complain about it here? We will be looking forward to your interview and will probably post that, too, if I can find it.

  3. Although I am completly at a loss, I am Stephen’s mother. The behavior he is depicting is not associated with how he was raised. He was taught to treat others how he would want to be treated. Obviously that has been dropped by the wayside. I have never used recreational drugs and would not encourage such behavior, ever. As a mother I fought for him and tried my best which apparently was not enough. I finally reached the point of realization that I had to just let go, and I did. I will always love my son, but that does not mean I like the person he is or has become. My heart is heavy knowing he can have so little respect for others and himself. I would appreciate no hatred spewed for this as there is nothing anyone can say that Stephen hasn’t already said to me.

    1. Oh no, we don’t hate you, I don’t even hate your son. I just don’t like what he is doing. I have had experience with relatives with such issues, also, with the same disorder that he mentions, schizoaffective disorder. I know it is heartbreaking for his mother. You have my total sympathy. Glad to have your input. Any unkind comments to you will be deleted and the commenter blocked. You can contact me personally if you want via the contact tab at the top of the page. I have more info about him than I post here.

      1. Stephen McLeod not only does not respect her, but is abusive of the poor woman that carried him for nine months, gave life to him and raised him up. What a shame that is.

  4. I thought everyone would appreciate an update on Stephen.
    In all if his infinite wisdom, he was charged with a felony
    for shining a lasr, multiple times, into a police helicopter
    pilots eyes. According to his postings he had court at the
    Federal Building in SD on the 9th. However, the only
    information I have found gives a court date of the 4th of
    June. Maybe someone can find out more than I. I appreciate
    the considerate comments regarding Stephen’s behavior
    towards myself. I very much appreciate it!

  5. UPDATE: Stephen McLeod pled guilty in federal court to aiming a laser pointer at a police helicopter during a BLM protest, a felony.

    The prosecutor is recommending a 12 month and a day sentence with three years supervised release. I think “and a day” means he is not eligible for early release and must serve the full sentence.

    He was supposed to be sentenced on June 11, 2021, but it was postponed to July 23, if I remember correctly.

    He was held in the local federal pen for two months, I believe. So, if he gets credit for that, he is looking at possible jail time of about 10 months, if the judge accepts the recommendation of the prosecutor.

    1. I knew he had posted a video that he had pled guilty, but had no idea what the recommendation was/would be in this situation, He posted that his court was on the 9th instead of the 11th and as of Friday had not posted anything on social media. I do worry because I am his mother, however, I do not like the person he has become which breaks my heart. I am grateful for the update and would appreciate anything that can be added to this as things unfold. I am curious as to where all of his BLM radical buddies are now, especially since so many are resigning their positions with their pockets lined with the millions that were donated and are unaccounted for. Thank you all for your help… Please stay safe, Covid is no joke!

      1. I could be wrong about dates. I didn’t download all the files in his record. So, I may not remember correctly. Some of his comrades on the street in San Diego are being prosecuted, too, like Denzel Draughn who sprayed 9 policemen with a can of their own pepper spray. That also did not seem like a really smart move.

        BLM Radical Pepper-Sprays 9 Police, Found Not Guilty

        Another person, Rudy Alvarez, also pointed a laser beam at a police helicopter 2-3 months earlier than your son. One would hope, word might get out, not to do that.


        As you point out, the higher-level people that absconded with millions of dollars were not the ones out on the street getting in trouble with your son, Denzel and the rest. The ones on the street committing crimes and going to jail were, of course, just being used by the ones getting rich from it.

        Did you get the two emails I sent you today?

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