Black-Lives-Matter Organizer Threatened to Burn National City

Black-Lives-Matter Organizer, Tasha Williamson, threatened to burn National City, Ca in 2018. Two years later, she is organizing “protests” in La Mesa, Ca and La Mesa actually has been firebombed. In case anyone needs convincing, this is circumstantial evidence that she may have instigated the firebombing and destruction. She is actually continuing to make terroristic threats to La Mesa, unless they meet her non-negotiable demands.

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Also, for more videos of Tasha in action, see the Tasha Williamson archive here.

Sadly, I am sure this same tactic of terroristic intimidation is is being used right now in many cities across the nation by Alinsky-style organizers. It is not so much about black lives, but overturning the system and obtaining power as Saul Alinsky preached.

The threat comes at 3:30 in the video when she shrieks at the Council that they “will shut National City down” and “make it look like Ferguson when they are done”. She also threatens elsewhere that, if they throw her out, ten thousand more will come the next day and that someone is going to get hurt. Now, she is making her threats and demands in La Mesa. Downtown La Mesa actually does resemble Ferguson. Pure coincidence?

Three major buildings in downtown La Mesa were burned to the ground. Stores were widely ransacked and buildings were vandalized all over town, including the police station. The protests are continuing in La Mesa. Residents are still in fear of violence and another firebombing by a mob organized and incited by Tasha Williamson. Williamson is the most prominent organizer with the greatest voice.

Tasha Williamson has given the green light to property destruction in her public statements, saying that destruction of property was not a concern to her while their demands are not being met.

In National City, she organized a response to the death of a 40-year-old black man, Earl McNeil, after his arrest by police. McNeil had psychological problems and was high on meth. He resisted arrest in a physically very strenuous way. McNeil died of cardiac arrest a few hours later in a hospital. Investigators did not find that the officers were to blame for any significant wrongdoing.

The video clip is a segment of the June 19, 2018 video in the archive of National City Council meetings, see link below:

Testimony of Tasha Williamson on June 19th, 2018, National City

Tasha Williamson Archive

12 thoughts on “Black-Lives-Matter Organizer Threatened to Burn National City”

  1. The sad part is that Americans are never going to allow a take over of the U.S. without a fight!
    If a higher power doesn’t get involved pretty soon it probably will become another 1861!

      1. Yes, if they can’t stand up and speak out, how would they have the courage to actually fight back?

    1. Citizens review boards were a Marxist innovation from the 1960’s and, of course, are normally packed with citizens with a leftist political agenda. I would not give much credence to them. Pulling a clothe over the man’s head when he is spitting at the officers does not seem too out of line, even if it is a minor violation of procedures.

  2. Although I was not there, it seems that it was actually the police who escalated the situation in La Mesa when they shot a peaceful protester in the head with a beanbag projectile.

    1. It has been declared a unlawful assembly a couple hours before the woman was hit with a beanbag, due to rock throwing at the police. It had already escalated. She should have been gone long before that, if she had any common sense at all. It was a crime for her to even be there as part of an unlawful assembly.

    2. Three videos posted here show all sides. She wasn’t peaceful, she indicates that she was there to see them burn down the police station and she threw a can at the police while they were shooting people throwing rocks. All the shooter knew was from that distance was that she threw something at the police. It was Furcron’s own fault. That’s why they don’t mention her any more. She doesn’t have a case against the police, anymore.

      Livestream: Granny Shot In Head With Bean Bag At BLM Riot

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