Black Lives Matter Extremists Respond to Post Exposing Tasha Williamson

Black-Lives-Matter extremeists respond to a post exposing Tasha Williamson as already threatening in 2018 to burn down National City, if her demands were not met.

La Mesa Firebombers Respond to Post Exposing Tasha Williamson

Williamson says they are not their ancestors. Ain’t that the truth. Their ancestors did not burn down buildings belonging to innocent people and they did not terrorize innocent citizens. That was exactly what the Ku Klux Klan did. Things have come full circle and they have become what they profess to hate.

No one has threatened her, Williamson and her fascist-like followers just cannot tolerate the truth and a different opinion. Tasha is the one who issues the criminal threats.

They cause a large part of Downtown La Mesa to be burned to the ground and then they want the City of La Mesa to apologize to them! Talk about chutzpah. Black Lives Matter should be apologizing to the residents of La Mesa for burning down a good part of their town.

Leslie Furcron would not have been hit in the head with a beanbag, if she had not been part of this violent mob two or three hours after it had been declared an unlawful assembly by the police.

Not sure Officer Dages actions were in accordance with procedures, but it was a rather minor episode. If Amaurie Johnson had remained calm and kept his foul, abusive mouth shut, he most likely would not have been arrested at all. They are supposed to be professional, but cops are human, too, and no one likes being verbally abused and that can cause an overreaction, if one occurred in this case.

Just because you have a right to do something, does not mean that it is smart to do it. However, Johnson threatened the police, saying “All these niggahs … I’ll beat yo ass,” referring to the police as “niggahs”. Threats are illegal and not protected speech.

You can go to her page and read the entire post and comments there by clicking on the time under her name.

Tasha Williamson Archive

2 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Extremists Respond to Post Exposing Tasha Williamson”

  1. “Verbal abuse” is not a valid reason to arrest someone. Shooting someone in the head with a beanbag is incredibly dangerous and could have been deadly; participation in an “unlawful assembly” should not be a death sentence. Although I was not there, it seems that firing the beanbag into a woman’s face greatly escalated the situation. The police need to be held to a higher standard.

    1. Verbal abuse can get you arrested, if you threaten an officer, which he did, but they seem to have let that slide. Generally verbal abuse of a cop is stupid, because it makes it much more likely you will be arrested if the cop has reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed. Cops always have some discretion. I believe he was arrested, because the cop said the guy put his hands on him (assaulting an officer) and he was also charged with resisting arrest. People would have a lot less trouble if they just had a little common decency and showed a some respect. It has to work both ways. Even if a cop makes a false arrest, that is no reason to set fire to downtown La Mesa, vandalize downtown with graffiti and ransack a large number of businesses, terrifying an entire city of innocent people. That was just insane.

      You don’t know that the cop intended to shoot her in the face. Bean-bag guns are not very accurate in the first place, especially at longer distances. Any projectile fired from a gun can potentially be deflected by some other object and take an unexpected path. I’m just saying she was also to blame, because the gathering had been declared an unlawful assembly and it was a crime for her to still be there.

      If you commit a crime and get hurt, you have to accept some of the blame, yourself. A person shouldn’t assign all the blame to the cops for their own bad decisions. People were throwing rocks and it had been declared an unlawful assemble about three hours before the woman was hit with a beanbag. She should have been long gone from the area, but she wanted to be part of the rock-and-bottle throwing mob. It was a mob situation way out of control hours before Furcron was hit with a bean bag.

      Furcron has the right to sue for damages, if she can prove that the officer intentionally shot her in the face. It’s not clear he intended to do that. Certainly, setting downtown La Mesa on fire is not justified, because one woman was hurt at an unlawful assembly, where she had no legal right to be in the first place.

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