Blame Obama for the Illegal Alien Invasion

To protest against illegal immigration, without publicly blaming the architect of this scheme, Obama, is just cowardly. Oh yes, people may bluster in private and protest that they are true patriots, but few will make a public statement against Obama. What this amounts to is appeasement, bowing down to Obama and groveling at his feet.

People need to be called out on this. They will make all kinds of excuses, but look at what they do, not their excuses and bluster. As long as Obama sees the bluster and hysterical carrying on without actually putting the blame on him, he knows it is safe to go ahead with the completion of his plans. He can do a lot more damage in 2.5 years.

There is really not much limit to the number of illegals that he can entice to enter this country and refuse to deport. This kind of tactic, using a swarm of poor people and a false morality to take over the property or territory of others is a long-time, common strategy of communists and other subversives. This tactic has been used for many centuries actually. It is nothing new.

Americans are too timid to fight back, but even a rat will fight back when he is cornered and we will be cornered before it is over. Obama is going to keep pushing until you fight back and defeat him or you submit to his rule completely.

The leaders of all these protest efforts should be asked directly, why they are not bringing it to Obama in a public way. Get in their faces and put them on the spot. If you let them try half measures and wait things out, at some point it will be too late.

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