Real Tyranny Rears Its Ugly Head In San Diego

California is overthrowing the Constitution, based on a flu-like bug that has, so far, killed less people in San Diego than this year’s regular flu season.

Authorities in San Diego are threatening to arrest and prosecute the organizer of a constitutionally-protected free speech protest last Saturday in San Diego, if she goes forward with another protest this weekend. The protest will held be at:

April 26, Sunday, 1 pm
4400 Ocean Front Walk
San Diego, Ca

UPDATE: No one was arrested at this event. Video coming shortly

Naomi Israel is requesting support from everyone that can be there. They may arrest her, but are unlikely to try to cite everyone in the crowd. This is already a national news story and will become much bigger, if our politicians are actually dumb enough to have her arrested and prosecute her.

If you want to participate and yet be relatively sure of not being cited, you can keep your distance from others and optionally wear a mask.


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Gavin Newsom

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