VIDEO: Protest of Covid-19 Lockdown – Pacific Beach

This event was called “A Day of Liberty – San Diego Freedom Rally”, organized by Naomi Israel. Held on April 26, 2020 in Pacific Beach, a neighborhood of San Diego, Ca, it was a protest of the lock-down, due to Covid-19. This was the second protest. After the first protest, the San Diego police department sent a recommendation to the City Attorney for misdemeanor charges to be filed in court.

After this second protest, the San Diego Police Department sent a second report to the City Attorney recommending an additional misdemeanor charge be filed against the Naomi. The City Attorney will review the report and make a decision whether to file the charges with a court, probably in the next few weeks or months. (They have up to one year to file charges in a misdemeanor case.) Covid-19 is having approximately the same impact on health in the US as a severe flu season. State and local officials are using this relatively mild health threat as an excuse to deny citizens their constitutional rights to liberty, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, which could set a terrible precedent for the future.

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