Obamacare Will ‘Work’ (If You Accept Obama’s Dictatorship)

Universal healthcare should be opposed on principle, not necessarily whether it “works” or not. It can be made to “work” and then there won’t have any argument left to stand on, if that is your only criteria. The problem is that it gives the government too much power, not that it won’t “work.” They will eventually make it work as well as any other (socialist) country that already has universal healthcare.

Socialized healthcare is originally a Marxist idea. To make Marxism work requires government tyranny. It WILL work, if you accept unlimited government control. If you do not have any principles left to support, only whether things work or not, then be prepared to be ruled by a socialist dictatorship. Every aspect of your life can be controlled, in order to make things “work” better or, as they also like to say, “to keep you safe.”

Socialistic programs are, by nature, very complicated, generally too complicated to be carried out successfully by an elected legislature. This is why Obama has to dictate by executive order to implement Obamacare. If you accept Obama’s dictatorial rule, he will eventually make Obamacare “work.”

It is difficult to find even “conservatives” these days, who still believe in and speak up for free enterprise and individual rights, so deeply has socialistic ideas penetrated American society and been accepted even by some Republicans, like John Boehner, John McCain and Lindsay Graham.

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