Movement To “Impeach Obama” Gaining Tremendous Speed

According to these two articles, Overpasses for America is revving up. Not sure Overpasses for America has done very many protests, lately. Some of the photos in these two articles are old, maybe all are old. But perhaps OfA really is starting up again, or has plans to start up.

Note, a couple of our photos (Impeach Obama Now, formerly Stop Obama Now) are used in both of these articles towards the bottom, one the banner we flew over the 2012 Super Bowl tailgate and the other, a photo of our demo in Carlsbad.

It seems as though the tides may be changing as those in favor of forcefully removing Obama from office continue to grow in numbers. As the seasons begin to change, one movement has recently come out from hibernation and are reporting that the number of those involved has gone up tremendously.

Movement To “Impeach Obama” Gaining Tremendous Speed by Mr. Conservative

Impeachment push revs up for fight

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