The Impeach Obama Movement – Too many Generals, not enough Sargents.

The Impeach Obama Movement -  Too many Generals, not enough Sargents.

Everyone seems to have an idea, lately, how they can start a national FaceBook page or a webpage, hype it up to the max and have Obama thrown out of office next week. However, it is really important that local people start many local independent groups and grow them. An army of a few generals would not be able to fight their way out of a paper bag. It takes a lot of platoons with platoon leaders. That we don’t have many local groups established that work primarily for impeachment is a huge handicap for the movement. We have more than enough Generals already. We need many more sargents leading local platoons.

You might expect the Tea Parties to join in, but the Tea Parties, in general, do NOT support impeachment and removal, though a few independent ones do. The Tea Party national umbrella organizations and their affiliates are too concerned about obtaining their tax-free status to really oppose Obama, directly. 501(c)(4) status requires that the group NOT be primarily about politics. So, their tax accountants and attorneys won’t allow them to campaign to remove Obama from office. They have to deal mostly with issues and not politicians.

It is the Government’s tried and true way of defanging and muzzling such groups to keep them out of politics. The situation is also similar with churches, who do not speak out for fear of losing their own tax-free status 501(c)(3).

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