New Year’s Resolution – A Real Impeach-Obama Movement

Last summer there were hundreds of small, impeach-Obama protests all across America usually with average about 10-20 participants each.  These protests received some local coverage, but were completely blacked out by the state-controlled, national media.  This year we want this effort to totally erupt and become 10-100 times larger, so no one can miss it.  If you are a blogger or radio talk show host, please help us inform the public of this effort. We are Americans. We will not be silenced and we will not be ignored!

The national effort last year did not  start until June-July and protests always slow down during  the holidays and winter. This year we will start earlier and be much better organized. The time to start preparing for much larger protests next summer is right now!  There is already an lot of support available on-line and protests are on-going.  Find a group that you can join at the link below, or start your own group. 

Impeach Obama Now Coalition – Group Directory

Answer the call. Start making signs and having protests in your area at least every month or so for practice and to gain membership, as we build momentum towards a red-hot summer of protest for the exposure, impeachment and removal of the Great Usurper from office. Now is the time!


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