Police Harass Impeach-Obama Overpass Protesters in Illinois

Police Harass Impeach Obama Overpass Protesters in Illinois

A policeman in Illinois orders impeach-Obama protesters to take down their signs or be ticketed for “littering.” It appears that an Obama follower called 911 and complained about the protest.

As spring approaches, these impeach-Obama protests are expected to pick up again. Last summer, there were hundreds of these small demos for Obama’s removal around the country that were completely blacked-out by the state-controlled media. More people are needed to join in, so that it becomes impossible to ignore.

Some of the experiences of different groups has been documented here.

How to Deal With Police at Impeach Obama Overpass Protests

In the end the protesters “compromised” with police and cut their demo short by an hour at the “request” of the police supervisor. A ticket for littering would likely be dismissed by a judge, but it would cause considerable inconvenience for the protesters to deal with challenging a ticket. It just depends on the situation and how the protestors feel, as to how they should respond. If you can come back and protest later, it may be better to avoid the inconvenience and give the police a face-saving way out.

In San Diego, I have requested twice that the police/CHP write a ticket for hanging protest signs on the fence. They have refused to do that, so far. Twice they have shown up at the end of the rally, when we were already taking the signs down and ordered us to remove the signs. It appeared that they just wanted to be able to write in their reports that they ordered us to remove the signs and we did (not necessarily in that order, LoL).

It may help, if you tell the officers that the signs will be removed by such-and-such time. We want to protect our right to protest in the most effective way possible, but our fight is not with the police and many of them actually agree with us. We do not want to antagonize them, unnecessarily.

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