Drugged Children Trafficked On Border (Video)

People bring little children, who are often not even theirs, to the border to use as a passport into the US, because Biden and Obama before him advertised that this is what will gain them easy entry into the US. But also cartel coyotes are frequently paid to smuggle children into the US, by their parents for reunification, or by others for who knows what purpose. Either way, it’s illegal trafficking to pay to have a smuggler to bring a child into the country. The kids in these video appear to be drugged to keep them quiet.

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To learn more about this topic, read this 10-page court opinion by Federal Court Judge Andrew Hanen who said that a parent smuggling a child for such purposes is committing a crime and often the Government aids and abets the crime by helping to deliver the child to its destination, illegal aliens already living in the US.

Judge Hanen Order

How DHS Aids & Abets Child Trafficking By Cartels – Download

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