What Benefits Will Obama’s “Refugees” Receive?

illegal_beatchIf they can obtain refugee status, Obama’s flood of “refugees” will be eligible for benefits, courtesy of the US taxpayer. The benefits might not be as high as you would think, but still higher than many workers can earn in Latin America. Citizenship is the biggest benefit. They are eligible to become full-fledged citizens and loyal Progressive voters in just five years. The link below details the benefits that refugees receive.

Post Arrival Assistance and Benefits – Refugee Council USA

This link explains who is eligible for asylum or refugee status.

Asylum or Refugee Status: Who Is Eligible?

Of course, the vast majority of these people will be released and never show up to court to prove that they are eligible. So, they will never even try to obtain refugee status. It is just a ruse and a con. Obama lets them in with a wink and a nod.

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