Protesters Turn Back Obama’s Illegal Invader Hordes

Bus0701_Protesters_MurriettaThese intrepid protesters actually turned back three busloads of illegal aliens invaders in Murrieta, California, at least temporarily. The protest received national and even some international media coverage. Some of these protesters are also frequent participants of our Impeach-Obama-Now Protests in Southern California.

See links and video below:

Protesters Block Bus Carrying Immigrants

Protesters block migrant buses in Calif.

2 thoughts on “Protesters Turn Back Obama’s Illegal Invader Hordes”

  1. Will keep an eye for Colorado, that way we can do the same. Awesome, we need to stick together, cause if we don’t , we will be in a world of hurt. Oh wait, we already are. Obama makes me sick.

  2. All sorts of terrorist’s entering our land just for the express purpose of reaping havoc. Even the children are pawns of the UN being used as vehicles to overthrow our system and bring America down. We are in grave danger.

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