Two Planes Pick Up Illegal-Alien Detainees In San Diego

On April 22, 2021, two Boeing 737 jets flew into San Diego and picked up three busloads each of handcuffed detainees. Both jets then flew to San Antonio. The white buses are DHS buses. Recently, when you see the white buses, you know it is about detainees, likely to be deported. Of course, being handcuffed is another big hint. This video shows only one busload of six boarding the two planes. Probably, there were around 100 detainees flown on each airplane for a total of 200 detainees being transported.

You may wonder why they are being sent back to Texas. It may be that they will be flown back to their home country or they are criminals, who will be prosecuted or something else such as that.

At the time this was posted, most illegal crossers are being deported back to Mexico as required by Title 42 due, to the Covid19 pandemic. Biden made exceptions for pregnant women and minors, who are allowed to stay. We have currently about 1-3 planes flying to San Diego daily, sometimes picking up detainees, sometimes dropping them off.

These Covid19 restrictions are going to end at some point soon and then there will a a rush of 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of illegal border crossers. For what I read, at this time, there are probably 7-8 thousand people waiting to cross already, just in Tijuana. Biden has just extended the restrictions for another month.

This planes belong to iAero Group (formerly Swift Airlines). Most of these charter flights by being flown by iAero.

Two Planes Pick UP Illegal-Alien Detainees In San Diego

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