Protest Of Women With Children Demanding Asylum in Tijuana

Yesterday, April 23, there was a protest by women with children at the Tijuana border demanding asylum from Joe Biden. Below, for your convenience, is the automatic translation of the original article in Spanish to English with some corrections of obvious errors and grammar issues. The bus lane and several SENTRII lanes were shut down, according to reports and they almost got into US territory.

According to my understanding, probably all of these women each paid a cartel coyote around $5,000 to $10,000 to transport them and their children to the US Border. Many even pay the cartel to transport their small children alone. The cartels in Tijuana murdered about 2,500 people last year and all of the cartels together murdered 36,000 people in Mexico. Would you pay to put your child in the hands of such people? Do you really think people that work with the cartels and willingly put their own children at extreme risk will make good US citizens?

Biden has extended for one month the Title 42 restrictions due to Covid and officially, at least, only pregnant women and unaccompanied minors are being released at this time into the U.S. I have been told, however, that there are always some exceptions to these policies.

If Biden lifts the restrictions next month, I estimate from news reports that there are around 8,000-10,000 waiting to apply for asylum just in Tijuana. Along the entire border with Mexico there are likely about ten times that many already at the border and many more would soon be on their way to the border when Biden says the word.

Migrantes piden asilo a Joe Biden (Migrants ask Joe Biden for asylum)

With banners and accompanied by minors, the migrants asked the United States Government for help. | Sergio Ortiz

Tijuana, BC.- With children infront, dozens of migrants protested at the Tijuana-San Ysidro gatehouse with the intention of drawing the attention of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, to obtain the protection of humanitarian asylum.

The migrants are from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, who have been living for almost three months in the camp they set up in the plaza in front of the El Chaparral pedestrian crossing, where approximately two thousand people are, including minors and adults.

Joe Biden, “Give us protection’ and ‘Biden we are tired’ were some of the slogans on the part of the protesters, who came very close to touching US soil, which caused the mobilization of at least 25 security agents of the CBP (Office of Customs and Border Protection).

“Support us, President, because you promised that you would help us, there are many citizens who have been forgotten,” said Mrs. Sacarías.

In the presence of dozens of girls and boys, the intervention of the municipal police of Tijuana was necessary to ask the parents to monitor them and forbid them to run among the motorists to avoid a tragedy or theft.

The demonstration caused the closure of the bus lane, which was stopped for four hours, said a driver who is works providing transportation service to tourists from Tijuana to the United States.

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  1. Thank you for revealing what a fool BIDEN IS! We taxpaying Americans do not want to support these uneducated impoverished jerks

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