Why is It Difficult to Form a Movement to Impeach Obama?

OceansideImpeachObamaProtestThe biggest problem with developing a potent movement to impeach Obama is that non-profit patriot organizations are prohibited by law from being primarily about politics. A lot of members of these groups would like to help out with an impeachment effort, but they are loyal to their group and take their cue from their leadership, who are probably advised by their accountants and tax attorneys to not get involved in political activities that could be construed as partisan, such as a campaign to impeach and remove Obama could be.

It may be enough for these groups to say, they can’t endorse an impeachment effort, because they are limited by the tax law, but as an organization they are not against it. That is, their members have to participate in such partisan activities as individuals, not as representatives of their 501(c) non-profit organization.

There are also issues of group rivalry. Everyone is competing for the same members. So, no group wants to admit publicly that they are limited in the positions they can take. It would make it harder for them to recruit. If your favorite Tea Party or patriot group does not advocate impeachment. These are likely the reasons why.

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