Work Begins On *Biden* Wall In San Diego

At long last, Biden has begun building his Wall. At least, that is what local, leftist Progressives are saying, bitter that Biden is “completing the Trump Wall” as they accuse him of doing. It is not true of course. This is just a small section and there is still a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done to build out the border fence and the systems related to it, such as surveillance systems and better border road construction. But under Biden, they have started work on about a quarter mile of bollard fence on the Pacific Ocean near the place called “Friendship Park”. This is between Playas de Tijuana and Border Field State Park. I do know that Biden is now also allowing some border-road construction.

The main open-borders group fighting this construction is Friends of Friendship Park. They want to keep the park open because it is a resource for their open-borders propaganda purposes. They managed to have the construction delayed for a few months, but now it has started and should be finished soon. It is not clear if this construction will interfere with Friendship Park or not. The Park is a place for people to meet. In this time when everyone is video conferencing, it seems it is no longer needed. However, our progressive activists seldom miss the opportunity to propagandize the situation and protest any improvement in border security.

These images were taken on April 25th. At that time they had only added a couple of panels to the existing new fence. That is the silver part. I’m sure they are silver due to an anti-corrosion treatment, probably galvanization. This is very close to the ocean where corrosion is a concern.

I took these photos with my cell phone from the Mexican side. In the photo above, the primary fence is in the foreground only a couple feet from the actual border. The secondary fence is further back in the background.

The existing secondary fence being replaced at this time is about about 12-14 feet high. The new fence extension will be constructed with 32-foot bollards. Across the San Diego area, generally, there is a 16-foot primary fence and a 32-foot secondary fence or will be after this construction is completed in the next few months. Bollards used, so far, have been 16 feet or 32 feet in length. The fence height depends on how deep they are set in the ground, usually about four feet.

According to news reports both the existing primary and secondary fences will be replaced with 32-foot bollards.

I just put my phone through the primary fence on the border with Mexico to take this video. So you do not see the primary fence because I am standing on the Mexican side holding my phone through the fence.

It is much easier to get close to the fence here on the Mexican side than it is on the US side. Especially when it’s been raining because the road floods on the US side when it rains.

3 thoughts on “Work Begins On *Biden* Wall In San Diego”

  1. Biden’s wall my …….
    Just because it’s an election year, you can’t steal the things that made trump successful and try to use them for yourself. Too late people are on to you and the water carrying media!

    1. LoL. Trumpers don’t have a sense of humor these days, I suppose. You’re “on to me”? Are you sure you are not becoming paranoid?

      I’m happy to see this relatively small project getting done, no matter who does it. Would you prefer that it not get done if not under Trump? Certainly, it’s window dressing for the election.

      By the way Trump “stole” the idea of a steel bollard fence filled with reinforced concrete from GW Bush. Bush got the Secure Fence Act of 2006 passed that allowed Trump to build fence on the border of Ca, AZ and NM. Bush also built a couple hundred miles of bollard fence in the two years that he was legally allowed to do it. The exact same fence design as Trump used, on land that Bush had reserved by law for that purpose.

      Of course, Trump never acknowledged that Bush laid the foundation for own his border-fence construction. Without Bush, Trump would not have been able to build much on the border at all.

  2. For example, more than 40 miles of this bollard fence was built by Bush over the sand dunes between Calexico and Yuma. It’s got props on it because it can’t be anchored in the sand. Most people assume Trump built this, but not true.

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