Cubans Discover Murderers Castro and Che Honored In Murals At Chicano Park

To their amazement, two Cuban Americans discover that murals in Chicano Park honor murderous communist dictators Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. They tortured and murdered probably tens of thousands of political opponents. This park, which supports anti-Americanism, pro-communism, and pro-Raza radical ideology is in San Diego. Their video went viral on Tik Tok and received nearly 600K views in two days. They visited the Park on or around Chicano Park Day 2023.


We had so much fun minus seeing this. The two most authoritarian figures on a wall about fighting authority.

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The two say that it is proof of freedom of speech in the US. But the government has paid for this “free speech” with many millions of tax dollars at the City, State, and national levels. An opposing pro-American view is not allowed in the Park. This is not free speech, but political indoctrination, paid for by our tax dollars. Political views should not be supported on government property with tax dollars at all, much less radical, anti-American ideology.

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Monumental Mural dedicated to communist terrorist, Che Guevara

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