Alabama Court Refuses to Decide Obama Eligibility

In another unprecedented act of judicial cowardice the Alabama Supreme Court of Alabama refuses to uphold the rule of law and refuses to investigate or rule on the simple and basic issue of Obama eligibility. There seems to be no court in the US that will apply the law in this case and Congress refuses to act as well.

The only way left to raise public awareness of Obama’s initial fraud and other crimes is to go out in the streets and protest in very large numbers. When all else fails there is still public protest as a means of showing everyone your concern and disapproval. Silence is submission.

WND: Judge Rules on Obama Eligibility


2 thoughts on “Alabama Court Refuses to Decide Obama Eligibility”

  1. Why In The hell is this Government not doing a dam thing with Obama they know he wants to kill this Government and they still pussy food around like kids. Barry Soertoro is not Obama he is person from another country and not an American. Should or will you vote for a party that loves a Muslim killing their Country and do not want to do a dam thing about this imposter Obama. Are they waiting to take him out of the picture so they can march down Washington say oh he was a great imposter running this country of ours my ass. All you asses in congress and the senate want to march behind a man that is not a President and say he was a good ass out of the united state and Washington all love this imposter Caller Barry Soertoro we all here in Washington kissed his as as if the where the lord. I have news for all you Washington asses he is not the lord he is a Muslim and a leader of the Muslim brotherhood to bring America down. Would you Vote for a Democratic party that betrays the constitution and the American rights that he wants to take from all Americans. Vote them all out of office this election show them who is Boss of this Country for once and for all. Vote Republican and bring America back to the American voter again. I am not saying they all are good but we have to take this country back and rebuild an army to be strong again. to where we were years ago before the lord Obama cut it to noting. I am out to Impeach this so call President which he is not.

  2. Well said John…clear you are fired up! Now if we can just get the rest of California fired up before these two POSs’ show up for fundraiser in La Jolla! Hope to see you there!

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