Was Holder Right? Are We a Nation of Cowards?

Holder and Obama have committed enough criminal acts by now that there is no question, both of these gangsters ought to be put in prison doing hard labor. They are just getting a pass because of the black pigmentation of their skin. They make Richard Nixon look like a piker in comparison to his puny crimes and misdeeds, which caused him to be forced out of office under the threat of impeachment and conviction.

Am particularly interested in why the Tea Party does not confront Obama and call for his removal. They are no “patriots,” if they cannot stand up to a would be self-declared dictator, whether the reason be to maintain their non-profit tax status or for whatever reason.

In the early days, the cadres of the Tea Party Patriots used to often get in my face, because I carried a sign that implied Obama is similar to a black Nazi. Before the umbrella organization became really organized, we had anti-Obama protests with 200-300 participants in San Diego. Now it is difficult to get a couple of dozen people to turn out, even though Obama’s abuse of power and criminal intent is now much more obvious. In this clip below we were protesting media bias in favor of Obama in 2009 and several hundred from all over SoCal took part, including local Tea Parties.

Why do local groups stay affiliated with a national organization that is not willing or not able to confront a self-declared, would-be dictator. Are Tea Party leaders being paid a pittance of blood money from some anonymous fat-cat to sell out America?

Non-profit organizations have to exchange a good deal of their free speech rights as a group in exchange for their non-profit tax status. It would be better for local Tea Parties to sever their ties to a national umbrella organization and take back their free speech rights, so that they can really oppose the anti-American tyrant in the White House.

According to the Impeach Obama Campaign about 50% of the population want Obama ousted. Where is the Tea Party? If you belong to a local Tea Party, ask their leaders why they cannot support confronting Obama directly?

Roger Ogden
San Diego, Ca

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