Impeach Obama Protest Idea for Independence Day

Crest_4th_of_JulyOne of our members, Mary Razo, who lives in Crest, California suggested that a group of volunteers march with or ride on an Impeach Obama float for the 4th of July parade in her small, conservative hometown, with a population of 2,593 inhabitants. Yes, there still are such small hometowns in California. All that is needed is a flatbed truck or trailer, some bunting signs and flags. In such small, conservative towns, it would probably be applauded. In other, larger, more liberal places it may not be so well received. This could be done in towns all across America. What do you think?

Another member, Roy Mars, points out that these could also be done on Memorial Day. Yet, another member, Sherry Waterman, points out that two million bikers will be riding to Washington, D.C. on Memorial Day. Maybe people should flood the Mall with Impeach Obama signs on Memorial Day.

Having members start brainstorming like this is a great thing. Eventually, the right idea will come up that will click. People should not wait for a national leader to tell them what to do, but should look around to see what individuals they can join with locally and what they can do in their own local area. The uprising has to start at the bottom and not be dependent on any one person or small group on the national level. If a real grassroots movement to remove Obama gets started, it will be powerful and can feed on itself until it becomes an overwhelming force. People just have to have patience and persistence and start organizing locally in your own community until it spreads all across the country.

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