Statement of Purpose

B91C7ecIQAAAtJ_The main purpose is to encourage national protests for Obama’s impeachment, conviction and removal. It is not a formal organization, but a volunteer movement.

A secondary purpose is to encourage development of independent local volunteer groups, which may work on other such issues after Obama has been removed from office. The focus is on local groups and local action, while coordinating with other such groups nationally.

• A national protest is held monthly.
• The topic is impeachment/removal and closely related issues.
• A schedule of monthly protests is maintained.
• A national report is produced monthly to help in publicizing the protests and recruiting new participants.
• The focus is on building a rising number of local protests, not ego building of a national leadership.
• State and national Facebook groups are provided as infrastructure to aid in coordinating protests.
• Posts in these Facebook groups is limited to the topic of organizing protests for impeachment.
• Participation is totally voluntary and open to everyone with the same goal.
• Local initiative in starting and organizing protests is much encouraged.
• Participants are also encouraged to develop their own independent local groups using social media, e-mail etc.
• Participants may work with other groups on other topics. There is no retaliation for working with other groups.
• Cooperative parallel efforts to remove Obama from office are encouraged.
• The group as a whole is not responsible for the actions or ideological beliefs of individual participants.

IONC is not a formal nonprofit group and is not funded. There is no intention to become a nonprofit, because nonprofit status makes the effort subject to IRS and FEC regulations. Government oversight and regulation is contrary to our goal of campaigning for Obama’s removal. It is intimidating and limits the actions of the overall effort. Nonprofits no longer have total freedom of speech as a group. We have chosen to retain our unlimited right to freedom of speech and to fully exercise it as cooperating, unpaid volunteers.


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