Antifa Charged In Criminal Conspiracy For Pacific Beach Riot

So far 10 persons identified as antifa have been charged with criminal conspiracy and a large number of other felonies for their attack on a pro-Trump rally in Pacific Beach, a suburb of San Diego on January 9, 2021. Their names are Alexander Akridge-Jacobs, Jesse Merrel Cannon, Joseph Austin Gaskins, Brian Lightfoot, Christian Martinez, Luis Francisco Mora. Bryan Rivera, Faraz Martin Talab, Jeremy White and Erich Louis Yack.

Jonah Bigel was arrested some months ago and is already being tried. He is also mentioned in the criminal acts listed below, but he has not been charged in the criminal conspiracy so far.

This post is under construction. I will be added information here, as I obtain it.

Court Dates:

A prelim hearing is scheduled for 12/17, presumably at the downtown San Diego courthouse. More exact information will be posted later.

News Articles:

Newsweek – Prosecutors Make First Move to Break Up Antifa Cell as 11 Activists Charged With Violence

The list of crimes are shown in this PDF file. The file is public domain and anyone can download it at the link below.

Pacific Beach Antifa Riot Charges

Download file here.

Akridge-Jacobs, Alexander

Alexander Akridge-Jacobs

Bigel, Jonah

Jonah Bigel (left)
Bigel is charged with a crime for the 1/9/21 event, but he was arrested earlier in February, 2021 and has been being prosecuted since them. To read more about Joseph Bigel go to this link:

Cannon, Jesse Merel

Jesse Cannon aka Tall Can 420

Gaskins, Joseph Austin

Lightfoot, Brian

Brian Lightfoot

Martinez, Christian

Mora, Luis Francisco

Luis Francisco Mora

Ogden, Samuel Howard

Rivera, Bryan

White, Jeremy Jonathan

Jeremy Jonathan White

Talab, Faraz Martin

Yach, Erich Louis

Erich Louis Yach

4 thoughts on “Antifa Charged In Criminal Conspiracy For Pacific Beach Riot”

  1. you are providing valuable public service telling us the criminal and anti American kind of people in ANTIFA. thank YOU! persist

  2. San Diego has a good DA who is tough on crime. Not sure about Major Todd Gloria. Who allowed 1500 illegal ailien hirls to live in our beautiful convention center. He also mandated police and firefighters to get the Covid shot or lose their jobs.

    1. You are right about Todd Gloria. Not so sure about DA Summer Stephan. She is at the same time harshly prosecuting an innocent La Mesa Policeman, Matt Dages, who did nothing wrong, in order to appease the Black Lives Matter and antifa terrorists who burned down La Mesa in May, 2020. Summer Stephan may not be primarily responsible for investigating the antifa rioters in PB and she may not have had a choice in prosecuting them. I would not be so quick in praising her. We have to wait and see, if they are really punished for this or not in the end.

      The jury is out and verdict in the Dages case may come back today.

      Police Officer Scapegoated for BLM Riot, Fights Back

      Jonah Bigel is mentioned the charges above. I believe Bigel is out on bail right now, even though he was involved in these and other crimes while he was on bail before for previous crimes. We have to follow the cases and see what happens to these people, not just read the headlines. This link is to a police document explaining why Bigel should not be out on bail, but he appears to out on the streets of San Diego right now.

      Jonah Bigel Summary of Charges

      The people involved in the PB riots may end up not spending that much time in jail. We have to wait and follow the process to see what actually happens.

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