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Church Sheltering Thousands of Caravaners in San Diego Exposed

Christ United Methodist Church in San Diego, Ca has sheltered about 5,000 Haitian refugees and 5,000 caravan-style refugees, who were mostly fraudulent. They only have up to a couple hundred on any one day, because they only stay a day … Continue reading

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San Diego Provides Building to House Caravaners/Fake Refugees

San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved use of a vacant court building at 1555 6th Ave in downtown San Diego for use by the mostly pseudo refugees that have crossed the border as part of the Caravan or separate … Continue reading

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San Diego Taxpayers To Aid Criminal Caravan

This is a subversive attack on our system by radical progressives and neo-Marxists, who want totally open borders in order to completely change the political character of the U.S. It’s disguised as a humanitarian effort and they want the taxpayers … Continue reading

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Progressive City Attorney Unjustly Prosecuting Hispanic Patriot

Jesse Sauve was arrested as we exited Chicano Park surrounded by an angry crowd of militant chicanos, antifa anarchists and neo-Marxists. He was using an elongated stun gun / flashlight to ward off the angry, violent crowd without threatening anyone … Continue reading

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Caravan Woman Gives Birth to First Anchor Baby in U.S.

A pregnant woman who spent weeks traveling with a caravan of migrants gave birth in San Diego after crossing illegally to the United States to seek asylum. Maryuri was more than seven months pregnant when she left Honduras with her … Continue reading

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Why Does The Migrant Caravan Use The Star Of David?

The Star of David is the symbol of God’s chosen people. It has been displayed in the vehicles and in the banners of the migrant caravan of October, 2018. It is not just the traditional Jews that use this emblem, … Continue reading

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Can the President Send Armed Troops To Protect The Border?

The Posse Comitatus Act is often cited as the reason troops cannot be used to protect the border. As has been experienced, the perception of the meaning of certain laws sometimes change over time, due to activist judges, who legislate … Continue reading

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