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Then and Now by US Border Patrol, San Diego

This video shows how a border barrier caused dramatic change in San Diego during the 1990’s. The Border was at one time in absolute chaos. It’s still not totally secure, because the old barrier is far from perfect, but about … Continue reading

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Attorney Attacks Elderly Vet at “Keeping Families Together” March (Video)

A prominent personal injury attorney in San Diego, named Benjamin Israel Siminou, violently attacked an elderly, pro-American protester at the “Keeping Families Together” march on Saturday, June 30, 2018 at Waterfront Park near downtown San Diego. A complaint was filed … Continue reading

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Trump Idolaters Desecrate the American Flag

Flag desecration is usually offensive to those, who consider themselves to be patriots. Congress has tried to outlaw flag desecration, but the Supreme Court ruled that it is protected free speech. Congress has also attempted to pass a constitutional amendment … Continue reading

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Radical City College Prof Starts Brawl – Justin Akers Chacon (Video)

Justin Akers Chacon threw the first punch that caused a brawl at a pro-border-wall rally in Otay Mesa on December 9, 2017. Justin Akers Chacon is a professor of Chicano Studies at San Diego City College. He picked the smallest, … Continue reading

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Proud Boys Humiliate Antifa at Impeach-Trump March in San Diego

Antifa had a miserable showing at the impeach-Trump protest and march in San Diego. The sometimes violent would-be Antifa lead was exposed as a local rapper, Jesse Cannon, originally from Imperial Beach, who goes by the handle of “Too Tall … Continue reading

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Bishop, Progressive Organizers and Islamists to Resist Trump Enforcement of Immigration Law

San Diego’s radical, liberation Bishop McElroy is teaming up with Iman Taha Hassane from the Muslim-Brotherhood linked, 9/11 terrorist mosque (Islamic Center of San Diego) and Marxist/anarchist, Alinsky-ite community organizers (San Diego Organizing Project), as well as other left-wing, social-justice … Continue reading

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Chicano Park Mob Marches To Shut Down Trump Speech

Chicano Park is a radical La Raza public park in San Diego, funded by the taxpayers. On May 27, 2016 hundreds of Chicanos and their Leftist/anarchist allies marched to the San Diego Convention Center where Trump was speaking. They tried … Continue reading

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Epic Street Preaching to Heathen Trump Protesters

Street Preaching to Heathen Trump Protesters – Rubin Israel is called to redeem vile, profane, anti-Trump protesters when all hell breaks loose. This is outside the Trump rally on May 27, 2016 in San Diego, California. Rubin Israel’s Channel is … Continue reading

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