Will Hurd: Trump Is Running To Stay Out Of Prison

Presidential candidate Will Hurd said in Iowa that Trump is not running to make America great again, but to stay out of prison. One important point to keep in mind is that state crimes cannot be pardoned by the president.

Trump will be prosecuted in at least two state courts. In New York, he is charged with paying hush money to a porno star. Also, he is expected to be indicted any day now in state court in Georgia for racketeering in regard to his attempt to overturn the election.

It seems doubtful he would be sentenced to a prison sentence for paying off the porno queen. However, the racketeering charge is much more serious. If he is convicted before the election on racketeering, he stands a good chance of already being put in prison before election day.

The elected president cannot pardon him for a state crime. That also means, even if Trump is elected, he cannot pardon himself for a state crime. Trump could be the first president to serve out his term as president in Georgia state prison.

On the other hand, a sitting president cannot be prosecuted by a state court. So, he must try to delay the state trial until after the election. If he can do that, would expect that any state trial would be halted until he leaves office.

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2 thoughts on “Will Hurd: Trump Is Running To Stay Out Of Prison”

  1. President Trump won the last election! The Dems shady ways cause this mess!
    President Trump is the rightful President and don’t forget it! You cheaters, thieves, American haters, and liars!

    1. If he won the election, he has to prove that in court, which he couldn’t do. If not proved in court, he has to resort to a political solution that conforms to the Constitution, not overthrow the Constitution, so he can remain in power. I voted for Trump four times in the primaries and general elections and gave him every chance. I like some things he did, but I never swore allegiance to him or joined his personality cult. I am also not willing to sacrifice the Constitution for him. After the last election, he showed himself to be an enemy of the Constitution and very serious criminal. Hopefully, he will be locked up, soon. Don’t you agree?

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