Drag-Queen Grooming At ‘New Children’s Museum’ San Diego

Below is a notification of a protest of the Drag Queen Story Hour at the New Children’s Museum in San Diego is being circulated anonymously on the Internet. People feel that these events are being held to sexualize children and indoctrinate them into deviant sexual lifestyles and are not appropriate for public events, or private either for that matter. We should not even have to say that small children should not be sexualized and groomed by sexual deviants, who want to recruit innocent little ones.


The Drag Queen Grooming Session for children went forward as planned. It was considered a private event, not part of the regular activities of the New Children’s Museum. The rest of the museum was closed, though. There were dozens of people who showed up to protest the grooming session. There was a somewhat larger group of people who showed up to support the grooming of children to accept deviant sexuality. That the Museum was closed to heterosexuals in order to cater to the drag queen grooming, shows you very well what their priorities are. It’s not really a “museum” but more like an indoor playground. It’s designed to attract as many kids as possible. Parents should consider taking their kids to a municipal or other playground that does not have a sexual, political agenda that they want to impose on innocent and impressionable children.

See video of the protest at this link: San Diego Protests Drag Queen Story Hour At New Children’s Museum

Event Information

I am not organizing this event, just sharing the information. This event has a page on the museum’s website, but it is not on their regular calendar. You have to search for it to find the event page here. I believe that shows they fear blowback from the public. A little public outrage may well cause them to stop hosting these alternative sexual-lifestyle grooming events for children.

The Drag Queen grooming for kids event starts at 10 am. Those opposing may want to be on-site at the entrance at least half an hour early to catch people as they go inside to the Drag Queen Brainwashing Event. There is (credit card) paid street parking in the area, a couple of dollars for two hours increments.

This is a quote from the museum website.

DQSH captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive and unabashedly queer role models. In spaces like this, kids are able to imagine a world where people can present as they wish and where dress-up is real!

Thus, they say pretty plainly that their object is giving children sexually-deviant role models and encouraging them to experiment with their sexual identity even long before they reach puberty.

This is apparently the second drag queen grooming hour they have had in the past year or two. The last one was on last September 25, though they don’t say which year..

Drag Queen Opposition

Even one “drag queen” opposes such events, because they are harmful to children.

Ideological Connections

I classify these events as neo-Marxist provocation. Simply stated, classical Marxism is about class warfare, the bourgeoisie against the proletariat, that is the middle class against the lower classes.

Neo-Marxism is about class warfare in a more general sense between traditional supporters of the current society and many other classes based on race, sexual preference, gender identity, etc, who want to “transform” society. Neo-Marxists want to turn social values upside down to create societal tumult. The idea is to promote revolutionary transformation, whether it be peaceful or violent.

These events also appear to be related to the ongoing transgender mania, in which children are encouraged to take puberty-blocking hormones and have their sexual organs surgically removed, sometimes without the consent of their parents. They appear to appear to be a stepping stone for indoctrination of children into transgender ideology.

Contacts / Board Members

Their contact info is not available on the museum website. We may be able to find their telephone numbers or social media pages. If we can’t find numbers for these people, you can call their business and lodge a complaint that they support this.

Board Chair: Rebecca Gennaro
Wells Fargo

Vice Board Chair: Greg Gossard
The Hampstead Companies

Board Secretary: Danielle Moore
Port Commissioner + Clean Energy Counsel LLP

Claudia Amezcua

Brent M. Douglas
Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP

Stephanie Epstein
Epstein Family Foundation

Lynda Forsha
Art Advisory Services

Priya Huggett

Jamie Inn
U.S. Bank

Robert Marasco
Marasco Mediation, LLC

Wendi McKenna
Move Play Grow

Laurie Mitchell

Merrilee Neal
Community Member + Philanthropist

Bill Payne
Second Chance

Caroline Perry
San Diego Padres

Maryanne Pfister
Retired Marketing Professional

Elizabeth Phelps

Marisol Rendón
Southwestern College

Tom Rosso

Lawrence Taylor
Brandes Investment Partners

Bill Watkins
Solar Turbines Incorporated

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3 thoughts on “Drag-Queen Grooming At ‘New Children’s Museum’ San Diego”

  1. You fear what you don’t understand. Maybe go and see it before you judge others in such a hateful way. They are reading a story not sexualizing children.
    It disgusts me to read this and it’s 2023 fight a real fight like white males shooting up schools!

    1. Maybe it’s you who doesn’t understand. Have you ever considered that? Throughout history there have been many episodes of sexual deviancy being normalized or attempts to normalize it. (See Berlin in the 1920’s.) It has generally been a sign of the sickness and degeneration of the culture, not progress, and has heralded collapse, conflict and misery.

      The school shootings seem to be another manifestation of the societal instability promoted by the attacks of radical “Progressives” on our cultural institutions. It didn’t happen to this degree before progressive transformation started in the 1960’s. Normalizing sexual deviancy among children is not likely to improve that situation, but probably just make it worse, because we will just be raising a lot more confused and miserable children. Those who think like you are actually screwing people up, not making them better. Check out the dystopia that San Francisco has become, the Citadel of Progressivism.

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