Why Does Kanye ‘Ye’ West Admire Hitler?

Kanye West (or “Ye”) appears to have been influenced by the Black racial nationalist movement, which has a long history of antisemitism. Leaders of this movement such as Louis Farrakhan and Marcus Garvey have in the past also expressed admiration of Hitler, Nazism, the KKK and fascism, in general. Black nationalist religions typically feature the concept that blacks are the real Jews and those people who historically have called themselves Jews are evil impostors, “Khazars” they often call them.

There is a long history of black racial nationalists cooperating with white racial nationalists. Back in the 1910’s or ’20’s an early black nationalist, Marcus Garvey, wrote that blacks should emulate the KKK, because that was the source of America’s power. Having started his movement before Mussolini, Garvey also said that his movement was the first fascist movement.

Trump has other black racial nationalists in his camp, as well. See also, this post below.

‘Blacks for Trump’ Group Led By UFO Murder Cultist

Black Hebrew Israelites Bait Young Jewish Man

Black Hebrew Israelism started around the time of the Civil war in Kansas when the slaves were freed. Some saw themselves in the Bible as the Hebrew Israelites who were freed from “Babylon”. There are several other black, racial-nationalist cult movements in the US, which have similar theologies.

Louis Farrakhan Says Hitler Was A Great Man

See on Bitchute

Like Kanye West, Louis Farrakhan praised Adolf Hitler and saw some good in him. Kanye says he admires Louis Farrakhan, who is the head of the Nation of Islam. The NOI is not Islam at all, but a black-identity cult religion. Farrakhan has been called the black Hitler.

Neo-Nazi George Lincoln Rockwell Attends Nation of Islam Meeting

Founder of the American Nazi Party, George Lincoln Rockwell addressed the Nation of Islam in 1961 He was assassinated not long after this event, probably due to this cooperation with black racial nationalists.

Tom Metzger collaborated with the Black Panthers.

In this video Tom Metzger includes a quick review of the history of cooperation between white racial nationalist and black racial nationalists. There is a desire for separation of the races on both sides.


Whether they believe in his genocide of Jews or not, some people admire Hitler for the power that he achieved over others and want to emulate him. This is apparently why Kanye West sees some good in Hitler.

It has been reported by several people close to him that Trump also admires Hitler in a like manner. This can explain why Trump associates with others with similar views, like Hitler-apologist, Kanye West and the neo-Nazi, Nick Fuentes, not to mention the black-racial-identity cultist, Michael the Black Man.

Even though Trump is not genocidal against Jews and has a Jewish son-in-law, he has a fascist mentality and seems to admire fascists, neo-Nazis and totalitarians, in general, such as Putin and Kim Jong-Un, the dictator of North Korea.

Kanye West’s antisemitism inspired by Louis Farrakhan – opinion

2 thoughts on “Why Does Kanye ‘Ye’ West Admire Hitler?”

  1. Pray For Ye
    By: Andrew Torba

    God often uses the most unexpected people in the most unexpected ways to accomplish His Will and as wild as it might seem: God is using Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, for a big purpose. I have no doubt of this in my heart based on what I have seen and heard from the man over the past few months.

    God can use anyone He wants in order to accomplish His will. We don’t get to pick and choose, He does. We need to have faith and pray for everyone involved in what God is doing through Ye right now. Pray for a host of angels to surround and protect Ye and those around him. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give them discernment and wisdom. Pray that many people will come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior through Ye’s immense cultural influence on the youth. Pray that people will look beyond the attacks of the Enemy to destroy and defame him. Pray that people will see that what is going on is much bigger than politics. It’s spiritual warfare.

    I believe that Ye demonstrated the love of Jesus Christ today on Infowars, which extends to all people. It’s unthinkable and sad that many Christians are failing to understand this basic Biblical concept and are once again taking the lying media headlines at face value. How many times do we need to learn this lesson? The red media is not our friend. All they do is lie, misrepresent and fabricate to form fear and drive people away from Truth.

    Christ’s love and forgiveness extends to the beggar, the stealer, the murder, and the tyrant. The love and salvation of Jesus Christ is open to ALL. That was my takeaway from watching the Ye interview on Infowars today in full as it aired live. If you take the time to ignore the clickbait headlines, set aside the programmed emotional responses that have been drilled into your brain for decades, and sit down and listen to the man speak for the full interview I think you’ll come to the same conclusion.

    “Either Jesus said so or Jesus said no.”

    Ye has spoken extensively about the problem of sin in our society. He talks about the need for our leaders to uphold Christian values, not Zionist ones. He repeatedly glorifies Jesus Christ and demonstrates humility as well as a yearning to obey God. He said the we need to “come home to Christ” as a nation and that as God’s people “we are the Church.” All of this overshadowed any clickbait headlines you are going to read about this interview.

    Ye is a master marketer. He knows what he is doing. He is getting all eyes on him so he can point all eyes to Christ and to the Truth. It’s so obvious to me because I employ this same exact strategy. Ye understands that controversy is attention. Attention is influence. Influence is power. Ye is using the influence and talents that God has given him to speak the Truth and glorify Jesus Christ. You may not agree with the way he is doing it, but that’s exactly what he is doing.

    As we have these conversations with our friends and family about the taboo, but truthful topics being discussed right now we have to remember that not everyone knows as much as we do. We need to have patience and empathy with people as they wake up to the reality of what is going on in our world and who is doing it. Pray for them. Explain things calmly and logically. Do not get into fights with family members or friends and do not destroy relationships over these subjects. Meet people where they are. Approach it in love and kindness, but speak the Truth boldly.

    As Ye is demonstrating to us all.

    God bless,

    Andrew Torba

    1. Not unless Andrew Torba and you worship Satan as God. These are Luciferian/Satanic cult movements, as is the same with the cultic, white-racial-nationalist movement. Satan is using Kanye West for his own purposes.

      The father of lies, it would be one of Satan’s greatest accomplishments to use, conservatives, patriots and Christians to divide and destroy America, while claiming to be “Saving America”. Then his chaos could reign supreme. The “Christians”, who support this evil, sorely need to repent of it.

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