Enrique Morones Ousted From ‘Border Angels’

Enrique Morones, Founder of “Border Angels”
The Times of San Diego first reported that Enrique Morones has been removed from the non-profit that he founded, called the “Border Angels”. This came after about six months of paid leave. Morones has been building the brand “Border Angels” for more than three decades. He is internationally known and has appeared frequently on Fox News and other national outlets. It seems highly unlikely he would have given up his brand of more than 30 years and left his pet project voluntarily.

It is not thought that he willingly left the Border Angels. He has not really retired, but is now trying to resurrect another nonprofit that he founded in 2005, called “Gente Unida“. Gente Unida has been inactive in recent years. Morones is trying to restart it from scratch. Gente Unida is the nonprofit that Morones claims he used in 2005 to “expose” and “shutdown” the Minutemen in California.

It appears more likely that he was forced out of Border Angels, because no reason is given and his departure does not appear to have been on friendly terms. That has provoked speculation that his unexplained departure may be due to a serious conflict with the board of the non-profit, a severe clash over direction of the nonprofit or perhaps some kind of embarrassing personal impropriety. At some point, maybe the truth will emerge?

Morones has apparently had some kind of association with major cartel drug smugglers. In 2017, Morones sponsored a cross border wedding for a drug cartel smuggler. His underling, Hugo Castro, was kidnapped in April of 2017 by “organized criminals” when he was in Southern Mexico apparently to pick up a group of fraudulent refugees and illegal border crossers for smuggling to the US border. These scandals may have been an embarrassment that helped motivate the Board of the Border Angels to remove Morones from the nonprofit, Hugo Castro also left and continued to work for Morones for a while, before moving on.

Update: The San Diego Union Tribune reported that Morones was fired from Border Angels due to sexual harassment complaints against him brought by two young female employees.

Our major local media outlets have mysteriously remained quiet about this affair, though a couple of them reported a few weeks ago that he had been quietly put on paid leave. One would think that professional journalists would be interested in a follow-up story about the fate of this international news figure, but apparently not. They have not reported that he has now been completely removed from the non-profit organization or why he was removed. His separation from the nonprofit was only reported by the relatively minor “Times of San Diego”, but they did not give the reason.

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5 thoughts on “Enrique Morones Ousted From ‘Border Angels’”

  1. Having confronted and debated Enrique Morones on radio and in public debates, I can assure you that the guy is anything but a sincere, honorable person. He is as dishonest as they come and he is an incurable liar. I assume that his firing from his own organization has everything to do with unethical, immoral, or even criminal behavior. Just my two cents, but that is how this clown impressed me every time I debated him in the past on the illegal alien invasion dilemma facing the United States.

    Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project

    1. Morones studied marketing at USD and he was a PR man for the SD Padres, before they let him go back around the 1980’s, due to his political activities. PR is another name for “propaganda” and he continued his propaganda efforts after the left the Padres, just with a different focus. From a purely technical point of view, he was not bad at what he does as a propagandist, but is just a terrible, anti-American subversive.

      He says he identifies as Mexican and is only an American citizen by accident of birth.

  2. Enrique or Henry as he once went by, is a hustler and a good one at that. Let’s just say Henry gets what he wants and ethics usually took a back door out when he did his magic.

  3. This is a story about the cross-border, Narco wedding at what Morones called the “Gate of Hope”, but that we now call the “Gate of Dope”.

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