Founder Denounces ‘Border Angels’ For Not Protecting Illegal Immigrants

Ironically, Enrique Morones, the founder of the Border Angeles has denounced the nonprofit that he founded for not protecting illegal border crossers. The article below was posted by Zeta, a newspaper in Tijuana. The English translation of the article is below the link to the original article in Spanish.

Morones was put on 6 months paid leave in 2019 and was removed from the non-profit in November of that year. It is not publicly known exactly why he was removed from the organization that he founded in 1986 and built into a well-known brand name, but the separation was evidently not on friendly terms.

This current controversy over the “Migrant Embassy” seems to be a fairly transparent attack on the new management of the Border Angels. The Migrant Embassy has never seemed to be a serious shelter, but used more as a prop to make it appear Morones was helping illegal border crossers. Those staying there even had to pay rent.

“Gente Unida” is a defunct organization, founded by Morones about 12-13 years ago that Morones is attempting to resurrect and make active again. Morones is now competing with his former nonprofit for donor funds. So, discrediting the new management of the Border Angles would be helpful for his new nonprofit.

Morones has been a frequent guest on conservative talk shows. To see an interview of him by Tucker Carlson of Fox News, go to this link.

Translation of Zeta Article

Fundador denuncia que ā€œBorder Angelsā€ ya no protege a los migrantes

Founder denounces that ‘Border Angels’ now not protecting migrants

The association that historically was dedicated to protecting migrants, Border Angels, has completely changed its mission, some of it’s members charged, among which is its founder Enrique Morones.

When demonstrating this Saturday in Tijuana, activist Hugo Castro, a member of the same organization, said that on February 21, around 9:00 p.m., a woman arrived at the ā€œMigrant Embassyā€ shelter, located on the Paseo Costero, in Playas de Tijuana, to try to take out the migrants who were staying in said property.

The woman identified herself as “Lorena” and presented a card from the current director of ā€œBorder Angelsā€ while asking people to leave the place because they would be taken to another site.

Fortunately in the shelter was Esperanza Lozano, director of ā€œMigrant Embassyā€, who did not allow migrants to be evicted, said Hugo Castro; And stressed that these migrants have experienced extreme violence in their countries of origin, are survivors of kidnappings, and have physical conditions.

‘It is not fair that for years the doors have been opened to support the shelters, as a human rights defender I feel somewhat used,’ said Hugo Castro.

The complainant also noted that ‘Border Angels’ received donations of $57K, that was going to be used to improve the facilities of ‘Migrant Embassy’, but the resource has not been delivered.

‘Border Angels’ was founded by activist Enrique Morones, who left the organization last year, and since then a number of changes have been noted. Morones said that what happened on February 21 forced him to come to this border city to denounce the change of mission of the association.

He explained that ‘Border Angels’ is based in San Diego, California. Its board of directors was made up of 11 people, however, many have already resigned. He considered that those who still form the board of the association only seek to earn money.

Enrique Morones also explained that in the last days two migrants drowned trying to cross via the ocean, and three women lost their lives trying to cross the hills, without ‘Border Angels’ denouncing it.

‘That is why I decided to come to Tijuana, I have had health problems, I do not go out so much, but it is very important to raise my voice and say that we demand justice, transparency, honesty and this is something that has not been seen,’ said Morones.

Both Hugo Castro, Enrique Morones and other members of ‘Border Angels’ and ‘Gente Unidos’ said they will continue to defend what is most important: migrants and their human rights.

Response from the Border Angels

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