Removal of Columbus Statue Meetings in Chula Vista (audio)

Pushing for removal of the statue is a coalition of Left-wing extremists. That is, anarchists, communists, neo-Marxists, La Raza racial ultra nationalists and followers of radical indigenous movement. One of the critics, Rafael Bautista, at a media conference in February proudly declared that he is a communist.

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Union the Barrio is actually the group that called for the statue to be removed. (See their letter at the bottom of this post.) The Union del Barrio has been described by Armando Navarro, author of Mexicano Political Experience in Occupied Aztlan (page 517) as being ideologically Marxist and Ultra Nationalist. That is, they are racially ultra nationalist, in the sense of Jose Vasconcelos’ concept of a new “La Raza” mestizo race. Navarro is the former head of Chicano Studies at the U.C. Riverside and one of the original radicals of the Chicano Movement. So, Navarro has no bias against Union del Barrio. I know that one UdB member, Paul Aceves, declared on his Facebook page a couple of years ago that he was a communist. I believe many of the UdB members identify that way, whether they are as open about it or not.

They do not just want to remove the Columbus statue, but vindictively destroy it so no one else can ever use it. Probably, no one would oppose building a monument to the Kumeyaay Indians, but that is not their goal. They really want to destroy this memorial to an icon of Western Civilization, which they claim is white supremacist. However, Western Civilization is a tradition and a set of principles and ideas. Anyone can adopt the ideas of Western Civilization. It’s a state of mind, not a race.

Leftist extremists believe they should use propaganda to destroy western values, in order to create more socialist “Utopias”, like Cuba, Venezuela, communist China, the Soviet Union, the former East Germany, North Korea, etc., etc. That is what this is really all about.

The audio files from the two meetings of the Human Resources Committee on removing the Statue of Columbus are posted below.

HRC Meeting Audio

This is the second meeting on February 27, 2020, where the resolution to remove the statue was presented and approved for submission to the City Council. There was opposition at this meeting to the resolution.

This is the first meeting on January 23, 2020, where it was proposed to remove the Columbus statue and decided to prepare a resolution for the City Council to consider. There was no opposition at this meeting. The Human Resources Committee is a very political committee, which should not occur in city government. Clearly, the politics of the committee members is also far-left and for that reason they are so receptive to the neo-Marxist and Chicano/indigenous racial identity ideology of Union del Barrio.

Initial Letter of Complaint from Union del Barrio

Some of our local media falsely reported that several “American Indian Groups” wrote a letter to Chula Vista officials, demanding that the statue of Columbus in Discovery Park in Chula Vista be removed. However, this letter was not sent by Indians, but by the extremist Union del Barrio group. The logo on the letter is an Aztec knight, the symbol of Union del Barrio. It is very ironic that the Aztecs were one of the most cruel and brutal societies in world history, yet, UdB complains about a Columbus statue, intended only to inspire Hispanic kids and all kids to have some ambition and to achieve sometime great. Sadly, some want to teach the children in Chula Vista only to feel like bitter, resentful victims.

Contact Councilmembers

If you would like to contact them these are the email address of the City Councilmembers.

Mayor Casillas Salas –
Councilmember John McCann –
Councilmember Jill Galvez –
Councilmember Stephen C. Padilla –
Councilmember Mike Diaz –

John McCann, a Navy veteran, is solidly against destroying the Columbus Statue and has already taken a strong public stand. Thank him and help support him. I don’t know what Galvez and Diaz are thinking, but I believe they both have the reputation of leaning conservative and it seems very possible that they may vote to keep the Columbus statue. If so, with McCann’s probably vote, that would be a majority.

During the Drag Queen Story Hour fracaso, Mayor Salas and Stephen Padilla have clearly shown that they will actively and publicly support a polarizing, neo-Marxist provocation. We can hope they will have a change of heart, but they may be unlikely to vote to keep the Columbus statue. Please do not send offensive emails to them or anyone else, though. That would just be used against those who would like to see the Columbus monument remain where it is. It would be helpful, though, if you respectfully send all of the council members your strongly-held opinion.

The statue has been vandalized multiple times in a felonious way. Destroying the statue will reward this criminal behavior and encourage more criminal behavior.

A lot of the charges they make against Columbus are hearsay and/or most probably spun out of thin air. Someone, who achieves something as extraordinary as Columbus did, makes a lot of enemies. After more than 500 years, he still has enemies, who are still insanely jealous of his accomplishments.

Bartholmew de las Casas was his chief critic. He wanted to be appointed by the Spanish Crown to be in charge of the Indians. So, he had a political motivation to slander Columbus.

Also, there was something called the “Black Legend”, which refers to propaganda made by the British against Spain. Columbus probably became the target of that propaganda, also. This coalition of extremists present all of these myths and stories as 100% true in order to slander and propagandize. One woman at the media conference, held by the Knights of Columbus, even blamed Columbus for starting domestic violence!

It’s been said that the easiest lies to make or about a place that no one has been or a time that no one has experienced. The New World during the time of Columbus was both of these. There were few witnesses and it happened over 500 years ago. The details of what actually occurred were not documented very well.

Columbus cannot defend himself, however, his reputation has survived for more than 500 years and it will survive the petty attacks of a few communists, mestizo racialists and anarchists. Whatever monuments they manage to have removed and destroyed will be replaced and more will be added at the next 600-year celebration of the Discovery of America in 2092. No one will remember what this small, resentful, hateful group of leftist extremists and Chicano racialists may have done in the year 2020.

Rafael Bautista, a self-discribed communist and critic of Columbus, displaying his IQ.

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