Danny Martins To Be Prosecuted For Obama Protest

Danny Martins of Long Island
Danny Martins of Long Island
Danny Martins was arrested in Nassau County, New York on June 6th, 2014 for displaying the American flag, patriotic symbols and signs calling for Obama’s impeachment. This polite, sincere and sober young college student has been charged with “disorderly conduct” for a freedom-of-speech protest on a freeway overpass. Danny is fighting right now against the minions of political oppression and authoritarianism for the rights of all of us and deserves our support. If they can do this to Danny, they can do it to anyone in the country. His trial date is set for July 1st.

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“Disorderly conduct” is a catch-all offense that the police can apply to just about anything they want to use it for.

Disorderly Conduct in New York

Typically, it is used fighting or creating a public disturbance. Now, a few over-zealous, Gestapo-like police in Nassau want to use this law to override the 1st Amendment and arbitrarily ban freedom-of-speech protests. This lone protest was carried out by a patriotic young student of criminal justice, whose only offense was a passionate exercise of his constitutional rights in what is rapidly becoming Obama’s dictatorial Amerika.

They do this as a last resort, because they do not have any other law that they think they can better pervert to suppress such free-speech protests against Obama. This would be amusing, except that it is such a blatant attempt to suppress our constitutional rights and intimidate protesters that, if successful, could have a chilling impact on such protest all across the entire nation. To stop Obama and have him removed from office, we all have to stand up for our rights, like Danny is doing.

Below is a message from Danny Martins from this website. When you contact the Nassau District Attorney, suggest avoiding the use of abusive language.

Show of Support for Danny Martins

It is imperative that everyone call the Nassau County DA’s office & request they dismiss the charges against me. 516-571-3800 & please email nassauda@nassauda.org and make your request there as well. Thank you so much. Please pass this along. I would do the same for you!

This is the clip of the solo protest by Danny Martins and his arrest.

The Thomas Moore Law Center is currently suing the City of Campbell, Wisconsin in a federal case very similar to this one, involving the violation of the civil rights of impeach-Obama protestors on overpasses. Campbell passed a specific ordinance banning such protest from overpasses in an absurd overreaction to protests calling for Obama’s impeachment.

Police Chief Retaliates Against “Impeach Obama” Tea Party Activist; TMLC Amends Federal Lawsuit

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  1. OMG, I am so angry after watching that video!! Those cops are complete jerks….in San Diego County, we have freeway overpass protests pretty regularly….no one gets hurt…and we’re talking 8, 10 lanes of traffic! wtf? Disorderly conduct? what a crock!!! What are they going to do in Nassau County now? Police every inch of the roadside so drivers don’t get distracted by anything? It’s crazy! If you’re STOPPING on the freeway or slowing waayyy down to read something, you don’t belong behind the wheel of a vehicle anyway! I think that one cop was just an Obama lover.

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