Silence Is Appeasement of Obama

Obama engineered the current border crisis, by giving amnesty to certain classes of illegal aliens via executive order. This has encouraged large numbers of people to come to the US and pretend to be refugees. Obama is clearly responsible for this artificial crisis and could stop it very quickly, if he were willing to work with Congress and take the advice of the Border Patrol. Instead Obama requests $4 billion to aid in resettlement of the illegal aliens into the US.

An international expert on the subject, Sam Vaknin, has said that Obama has a psychological problem, known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and also has characteristics of psychopathy. It is popularly know as “megalomania.” This is the psychological disorder of cult leaders and tyrannical megalomanic political leaders. You can find videos by Vaknin on Obama’s psychological problems on YouTube.

People with this psychological issue can be extremely aggressive and intentionally create crisis, because they believe some advantage can be gained from it. They prey on those they perceive as being weak and play with their victims like a cat plays with a mouse.

If Obama is not blamed squarely for this border crisis and his other misdeeds, he will just perceive that as weakness by the public and politicians. It just encourages him to do more. To stop them from abusing others, bullies have to be confronted, not coddled. The Tea Party failed to confront Obama directly for years and things have just continued to worsen and become more dangerous.

Often Obama’s responsibility is completely ignored in protests against the current border crisis. This is just a from of appeasement of the tyrant. People are afraid to speak out against Obama and call for his removal, though he deserves being removed ten times over. They hope against hope that, if they are “nice” and do not challenge him, he will eventually go away without doing more harm to them.

People have a million excuses for not blaming the tyrant, that it will hurt the GOP and make them look silly, etc., as if it is silly to require that the law be enforced. The more fearful the public acts, the more Obama is going to push on them.

The more Obama is ignored and not blamed directly, the more it will embolden him. He does not need Congress to implement his own amnesty and Congress can not do much about it. He can easily make the border crisis much larger and also foster new crises in other areas. The longer people wait to act against him and the more they appease him, the more dangerous the situation becomes.

Take this recent protest, for example, in Boston. Wearing patriotic clothes and singing “God Bless America” is not enough. Obama’s blame for this crisis was evidently not even mentioned. Obama will perceive such behavior as weakness by the opposition and a green light to proceed with his agenda of bringing America down via a massive flood of illegal aliens and other means yet to come.

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