National Impeach Obama Week (Starts August 23rd)

Actually this will be nine days of protest, the protest will include a week and two weekends. Protests during the first weekend and following week help generate interest in the climatic protests in front of the White House, at State Capital Buildings and at other local sites on the final weekend.

Suggestions for protest locations and times are requested. You do not necessarily need prior organizing experience to do this. You can be listed as the local contact/organizer, if desired. To have a protest in your area, just find a likely spot in a safe neighborhood and have it listed here. Good protest sites are busy street corners or at a Government building. Overpasses are good prospects that have fences to keep signs from dropping into traffic and, if possible, with parking and a public facilities nearby.

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2 thoughts on “National Impeach Obama Week (Starts August 23rd)”

  1. HOW CAN WE ORGANIZE A HUGE IMPEACH OBAMA DEMONSTRATION IN WASHINGTON? I demonstrated in Washington back in the 1960’s and I’ve NEVER been more fired up to demonstrate against this despicable piece of garbage who calls himself the president!! MY MOM USED TO TELL ME, TO GET RESPECT YOU MUST GIVE RESPECT. THIS GARBAGE HASN’T GIVEN US ANY RESPECT AND HAS TRULY RAPED OUR WONDERFUL AMERICA

    1. I think people have to show a lot of organization at the local level, before you can do a large protest in Washington. A number of people have tried to go directly to D.C. and flopped pretty badly, in general. The problem is to find people who are willing to do the work of organizing.

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