Conservative Nonprofits Are Not Opposing Obama

Obama is on the verge of becoming a dictator and utterly destroying our national sovereignty by attracting a flood of illegal aliens to cross the border. Yet conservative “patriotic” groups do very little to oppose him directly.

Part of the reason is that they fear the IRS will make life difficult for them. However, another reason is they they have never had it so good, before Obama was in office. They are signing up more members than ever and collecting more contributions than ever. Why would they want to get rid of him? If the would-be Dictator were no longer in office, their memberships and contributions would collapse.

At the last Tea Party Rally that I attended, there were probably 12-15 groups with tables set up trying to to start a new nonprofit organization or obtain support for existing nonprofit organizations. However, there was not a single unkind word said about Obama at that rally. This is pretty typical.

Trying to obtain support for impeach-Obama protests at this Tea Party rally, described above, I was made to feel rather like a leper. The interests of these groups in fundraising and recruiting at this time with Obama in office actually runs counter to the interests of the America, no matter how much superficial patriotism they put on.

It would be different, if we had a well-intentioned president in office, who cared about issues. But that is not what we have currently. Obama has another agenda in mind, bringing down America from the inside.

People were talking about “issues.” To concentrate on “issues,” while Obama is dictating is totally insane. Obama is not going to change his mind on the “issues” and Congress is not doing anything to stop his tyranny. The lawsuit that the House is starting will just allow the Republicans to kick the ball down the road for at least a year, so that they can continue to do nothing.

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