German Granny w/o Mask Arrested & Handcuffed By Merkel’s Covid-Police

A 70-year-old woman out for a walk in the open air is handcuffed and arrested by 5-6 German Covid police and hauled off to jail for not wearing a mask. The elderly woman said she just out walking and maintaining her distance. Bystanders complain loudly when she is cuffed and led away. One man remarks that they should be arresting the person who caused the problem, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Merkel was a leader in the communist youth movement of East Germany and certain other communist organizations.

One thought on “German Granny w/o Mask Arrested & Handcuffed By Merkel’s Covid-Police”

  1. The globalists are flexing their mussel trying to take control of people life one step at a time. It is about time that people should fight back. This time they come for her and you will be next.

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