NEWS VIDEO: Catch-And-Release Restart On Texas Border

This is a news report on the almost immediate startup again of catch-and-release under the Biden Administration. The report states that hundreds have come across and surrendered in an hour. The Border Patrol are not allowed to hold them are return them to wait Mexico, so they simply have to release them in to the US. Many are pregnant or have children with them.

The English-language media in the US does not pay much attention unless a very large caravan is coming. However, many people can come as individuals or in small groups. I believe it is generally the case that more come in small groups than come in large caravans. Unfortunately, just because a large caravan is not on the way does not mean their is no problem at the border.

I think the migrant caravans were used as a weapon to embarrass the Trump administration. With Biden in office illegal immigration and fake asylum seekers may be less obvious, but still just as bad if not worse as before Trump was able to get it under control. Biden is undoing much of what Trump did to stop illegal immigration and fake asylum seeking.

NEWS VIDEO: Catch and Release Restart On Texas Border – Bitchute

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