Join the Impeach Obama Now Coalition

For those impeach-Obama organizers, who are are dissatisfied right now, this website can be used as an alternative.  This is not a formal organization, but just provides some infrastructure for groups, whose leaders want to be independent and control their own destiny. I am not trying to make a funded organization out of it, raise money or make it a paying job. I don’t intend to control the groups, but provide help, if needed.  Right now, this website does not receive a huge amount of  of traffic and will not direct a lot of new members to your group, but that will go up, if more active group leaders start taking advantage of the site and we promote it more.

You can start your own group or groups and it can be added to the directory.  Non-FaceBook groups are okay.  It would make it easier for prospective members to find the groups in Google or FaceBook, if a naming standard were used, such as Impeach Obama Now – (State/Area/City), but that is not a requirement. You can create your own standard.

No single individual owns the Impeach Obama Overpasses concept. More groups will just make the movement harder to intimidate, marginalize, stop or divert. Well-led local groups are the really important aspect. We will all come together when it really matters.

Any and all groups can be listed that are actively doing impeach Obama protests. Competition between groups is a good thing. Makes everyone work better. This is the American way, not monolithic control.


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