Trump Supporters Abuse, Deface American Flag

Trump supporters are shown abusing, defacing and desecrating the American flag, whether out of ignorance or they just do not care, or for both reasons. Flag desecration is usually offensive to those, who consider themselves to be patriots. Congress has outlawed flag desecration, but the Supreme Court ruled that it is protected free speech. Congress has also attempted to pass a constitutional amendment to protect the flag, but has not been able to pass it. Because abuse of the flag is currently legal and protected speech, however, does not mean that everyone has to like it when Trump supporters do it and put Trump above the flag.

Desecration of the flag is not just burning the flag in protest, but other uses of the flag, which are not respectful of the flag as a national symbol, such as putting the image of an idolized politician, defacing it with political slogans or flying it upside down. The flag should not be disrespected on either side of the political spectrum, but especially not by those, who would like to be seen as patriots. They should be putting America first, not Trump first. Request that readers remind Trump supporters not to abuse the flag.

Below, Trump supporters desecrate the American flag by mutilating it with Trump’s face and writing on it.

It doesn’t matter, if it was ever a real flag or not. What matters is that it appears to people to represent the flag. Below is at link to the U.S. Flag Code. It is about flag mutilation.

U.S. Flag Code

If is abusive when the Left desecrates the flag for political purposes, it is still abuse when the Right does it.

Here, a flag with Obama’s image on it. The national symbol should not be defaced and equated to a politician, whether it be Obama, Trump or someone else.

This is an flag that was desecrated at an Occupy LA encampment. If it is offensive when Occupy LA did it, it is also offensive when Trump idolaters do it.

A Trump supporter abusing the flag by cutting holes in it so she can wear it as clothing.

Not a pretty sight. Even if the woman is attractive, it does not make it right.

Muslims abusing the flag by wearing it as a Hijab. If it’s wrong to wear it as a hijab, it is also wrong to wear as clothing in support of Trump, Obama or for other such political reasons.

More Trump worshippers in Northern California desecrating the American flag by mutilation of it. They are either ignorant of flag etiquette or more likely just don’t care.

Some Trump supporters seemed to have valued Trump more than the flag and for that which it symbolizes. Of course, Ann Coulter has changed her opinion, as have some others, since this post was originally made. In this book Coulter replaced “God” with “Trump”, which is even more wrong and Obama-like than mutilating the American flag. Now, it blasphemous, putting Trump in God’s place.

Sometimes it seems like some Trump supporters borrowed the Obama worshipers’ playbook. I have no problem with supporting his policies that make sense. For me it is the deification of him that is the problem. They put Trump above the flag and other American symbols.

Of course, if Trump’s true believers will abuse the flag, it is not too surprising that they do not respect other American icons and institutions, either, such as Capitol Building and the constitutional, election-confirmation process. They put Trump above the constitutional process.

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Certainly, not all, but some of them have a kind of reactionary, fascistoid, revolutionary mentality. The Nation, it’s symbols and institutions are not of much importance to them. The only thing that really matters is Trump and his movement. In my opinion, this is not “patriotism” at all, but the opposite, messiah worship. It is a personality cult, presenting itself as a patriotic movement.


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12 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Abuse, Deface American Flag”

  1. They are either ignorant of flag etiquette or more likely just don’t care – most likely it is both… but let someone BURN that same flag and they’d be all over them like white on rice, or if that same person had put a picture of Obama on it, again they’d be all over it like white on rice! For these people like trumpfulSCHITski the law is for EVERYONE else – but NOT FOR THEM AS they (like trumpfulSCHITski) that THEY are ABOVE the LAW!

    1. I don’t recall seeing them mutilate the Trump flag in the same way. Seems to be a sign that they put Trump first over America and the law, as you say. The movement is foremost about Trump. I think it has cooled somewhat though in recent months.

  2. I feel a deep disgust for those who desecrate our nation’s flag by wearing it as a piece of clothing or putting it to any use other than flying proudly on a standard. If they believe they are showing their patriotism by doing so, they are wrong. They are showing disdain for the flag and at the same time showing contempt for our still-great country and its people represented by that flag.

    1. Who burnt the flag on top of a statue that they were pulling down, definitely wasn’t Trump supporters. There’s way more videos/pics of the left defacing our Flag then Trump supporters. Hell y’all disgraced it by allowing those jerk athletes kneeling 🙁

      1. I’m not a liberal, moron. Because the leftists do it, doesn’t mean the Trump supporters should abuse the flag, too.

      2. Seems like you didn’t read past the headline. Other groups are shown desecrating the flag, too. There’s even an image of a flag with Obama on it. And athletes are kneeling in protest of unfair treatment of black people by the police; they are not disrespecting the flag.

      3. Because Leftists abuse and desecrate the flag more, doesn’t mean it’s okay for Trump supporters to do it, also.

        I think Trumpsters have pretty much stopped abusing the flag, lately. It doesn’t hurt to call them out, so they stop. Sometimes people just aren’t thinking about what they are doing and they need a little nudge. “Hey, cut that crap out, it’s offensive.”

  3. upside down is the distress position which we are currently in & so, therefor appropriate

    1. They are not in distress, though. That’s intended for a life-threatening situation, not just because you may be unhappy about some petty political concern.

  4. If some lke myself believe that we no longer have a US Republic because
    Rampant election fraud that is not a petty politic grievancr

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