La Raza / Aztlan Flag Raising in Chicano Park – Racial Aspects

This video of Aztlan and La Raza flag raising at Chicano Park in San Diego is explained in terms of La Raza racial supremacy and mestizo racial theory of Jose Vasconcelos. The flags of Aztlan and La Raza are raised every year at Chicano Park in San Diego, during the Park Day celebration. Aztlan is the American Southwest, which Chicano militants claim as their national territory. They say Chicano Park is the first part of Aztlan to be taken from the USA.

The three-faced figure in the second flag symbolizes the mestizo race (La Raza), which has been created by the mixture of the white Hispanic with the Indian. “La Raza” is a racial supremacy doctrine that was formulated by Jose Vasconcelos in his book “La Raza Cosmica” (the cosmic race), published in 1925, a time when racial supremacy theories were very popular around the world.

Vasconcelos was a revolutionary, a very prominant educator and philosopher, as well as a virulent hater of the USA. He was also the most important propagandist for the Nazis in Latin America at the beginning of World War II. The Nazis exploited his mestizo racial theory to try to gain influence in Latin America via promotion of “La Raza” racialism in an attempt to gain allies to fight the USA in the war.

On top of everything, there is a bill in Congress (HR-486) to make this park an affiliate of the National Park System, so they can obtain more federal grants to spread their anti-American propaganda, hateful mestizo racial identity ideology and the idea of a hostile takeover of the Southwestern U.S. as the Chicano national homeland, Aztlan.

Flag-Waving Proud Boys Reason With Chicanos, Get Attacked

A small group of Proud Boys were attacked at Chicano Park, because they wanted to show the American flag in the park and peacefully argue with socialists. The May Day 2019 march was planned to end in Chicano Park. Instead the ran into members of the Chicano Park political cult, who end up violently attacking them as the march begins to arrive at the park. The San Diego Police Department had to pepper-spray some of the radical, anti-American Chicanos and their extreme socialist allies in order to subdue them.

This was at the time a brand new Proud Boy chapter in San Diego. Not sure that they were even aware of what Chicano Park was like until they walked into this situation. They had just heard that the May Day March was ending there.

This clip combines the video by the Proud Boys with that of someone on the Chicano side. The Proud Boy with the beard was wearing a body camera. Between 5:46 and 15:27 its is Proud Boy audio overlaid on Chicano video. The first part is Proud Boy audio/video and the end is Chicano audio/video.

Chicano Gang-banger Enraged by US Flag

Jesse and I went to Friendship Park on the evening of Novmember 15, 2018, where the Caravan demonstrations have been taking place. There we ran into a member of the Oceanside Pascoli gang and his family. They were enraged that I was carrying an American flag and wearing a USA cap.

You can understand why this guy is frustrated, he said he’s a chief in the Pascoli gang in Oceanside and was probably looking forward to getting new gang member recruits from this caravan. Part of the reason Tijuanans are turning against the caravan, is they know most of them are likely to end up being stuck in Tijuana and they think it will add to their already terrible crime problem. There are still many Haitian refugees in Tijuana from two years ago.

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Trump Supporters Abuse, Deface American Flag

Trump supporters are shown abusing, defacing and desecrating the American flag, whether out of ignorance or they just do not care, or for both reasons. Flag desecration is usually offensive to those, who consider themselves to be patriots. Congress has outlawed flag desecration, but the Supreme Court ruled that it is protected free speech. Congress has also attempted to pass a constitutional amendment to protect the flag, but has not been able to pass it. Because abuse of the flag is currently legal and protected speech, however, does not mean that everyone has to like it when Trump supporters do it and put Trump above the flag.

Desecration of the flag is not just burning the flag in protest, but other uses of the flag, which are not respectful of the flag as a national symbol, such as putting the image of an idolized politician, defacing it with political slogans or flying it upside down. The flag should not be disrespected on either side of the political spectrum, but especially not by those, who would like to be seen as patriots. They should be putting America first, not Trump first. Request that readers remind Trump supporters not to abuse the flag.

Below, Trump supporters desecrate the American flag by mutilating it with Trump’s face and writing on it.

It doesn’t matter, if it was ever a real flag or not. What matters is that it appears to people to represent the flag. Below is at link to the U.S. Flag Code. It is about flag mutilation.

U.S. Flag Code

If is abusive when the Left desecrates the flag for political purposes, it is still abuse when the Right does it.

Here, a flag with Obama’s image on it. The national symbol should not be defaced and equated to a politician, whether it be Obama, Trump or someone else.

This is an flag that was desecrated at an Occupy LA encampment. If it is offensive when Occupy LA did it, it is also offensive when Trump idolaters do it.

A Trump supporter abusing the flag by cutting holes in it so she can wear it as clothing.

Not a pretty sight. Even if the woman is attractive, it does not make it right.

Muslims abusing the flag by wearing it as a Hijab. If it’s wrong to wear it as a hijab, it is also wrong to wear as clothing in support of Trump, Obama or for other such political reasons.

More Trump worshippers in Northern California desecrating the American flag by mutilation of it. They are either ignorant of flag etiquette or more likely just don’t care.

Some Trump supporters seemed to have valued Trump more than the flag and for that which it symbolizes. Of course, Ann Coulter has changed her opinion, as have some others, since this post was originally made. In this book Coulter replaced “God” with “Trump”, which is even more wrong and Obama-like than mutilating the American flag. Now, it blasphemous, putting Trump in God’s place.

Sometimes it seems like some Trump supporters borrowed the Obama worshipers’ playbook. I have no problem with supporting his policies that make sense. For me it is the deification of him that is the problem. They put Trump above the flag and other American symbols.

Of course, if Trump’s true believers will abuse the flag, it is not too surprising that they do not respect other American icons and institutions, either, such as Capitol Building and the constitutional, election-confirmation process. They put Trump above the constitutional process.

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Certainly, not all, but some of them have a kind of reactionary, fascistoid, revolutionary mentality. The Nation, it’s symbols and institutions are not of much importance to them. The only thing that really matters is Trump and his movement. In my opinion, this is not “patriotism” at all, but the opposite, messiah worship. It is a personality cult, presenting itself as a patriotic movement.


Inverting the US Flag – What Does It Mean?

Barrio Logan Veterans Raise American Flag in Chicano Park

The Hispanic veterans in Barrio Logan have raised the U.S. Flag in their corner of the Chicano Park and have reportedly said the will not take it down until forced to do so. The Chicano Park Steering Committee has in the past (illegally) forbidden them to raise it, except for three days a year, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day. It may be possible that the Steering Committee has lifted the ban on the veterans raising their flag on a shorter flagpole in their isolated, very low-visibility corner of the Park due to recent criticism of their ban and to take the pressure off themselves. The American flag is still banned in the center of the Park on the higher, main flagpole. Only the Aztlan flag and La Raza flag are allowed to fly on the main flagpole.

Only the flags of Aztlan, La Raza and Mexico
are allowed to fly freely in Chicano Park
We hope that the veterans will defend their rights. This ban by the Steering Committee has been humiliating and disrespectful of the veterans of Barrio Logan. It is also a violation of their civil rights. All of our great veterans and their civil rights deserve to be fully respected, no matter what their ethnic background. If their rights are being violated by other Hispanics, that still does not make it acceptable or legal. We owe all of our veterans a great debt of gratitude, I think especially our Hispanic veterans, because they served in spite of a history of not always being treated fairly or equally.

The City is responsible, because they allow the Chicano Park Steering Committee, the Brown Berets de Aztlan and their extreme-left allies to trample on the rights of everyone in the Park, who do not kowtow to their radical, anti-American agenda. In return for their support of the Park with our tax money, city politicos get support from the many Hispanic voters, who agree with the extremely anti-American theme of this political Park. Some also support the park evidently without fully realizing how anti-American the ideology is.

Can Americans Raise the Flag in Aztlan (Chicano Park)?

Aztlan is the Chicano National Homeland
Patriot Picnic II has been scheduled for Chicano Park in San Diego at 10am on February 3, 2018 by an anonymous organizer. The issue to be tested, is whether Americans still have their constitutional rights in this 7.9 acre supposedly public park, which the Chicano Park Steering Committee calls the first part of Aztlan to be conquered. In particular, the American flag will be raised in Chicano Park that day.

The American Southwest “Aztlan” is claimed to be their national homeland and portrayed as a separate nation. The park is essentially a no-go zone for overtly pro-Americans and the police. The City has ceded ownership of what they call the “ombligo” (navel) de Aztlan to the Chicano ultra-nationalists.

Communists, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara memorialized at the Park
City officials pretend to control the property, but the Chicano Park Steering Committee has a paramilitary group, the Brown Berets of Aztlan, which, under orders of the Steering Committee, actually controls the park with the help of allied extreme left organizations, as the first part of American territory to be lost in 240 years.

It’s called the “Ombligo” (navel) of Aztlan, because the idea is that their Chicano national homeland will grow from this small beginning in Chicano Park led by a new “mixed” master race of brown people. This is a racial and ethnic, ultra nationalist concept.

The Park is also about socialism. Since their ideology is a mixture of Chicano ultra nationalism and communism, this blogger calls it Chicano national socialism or La Raza national socialism. The Chicano ideology is based on the “La Raza” concept that the ultimate mestizo (mixed) race will arise from the Hispanic world. The supporters of the Park also act in an intolerant way, like national socialists.

Only the flags of La Raza and Aztlan
are allowed to fly in the main area
American flag is banned
Last September 3rd, a small group of pro-Americans were chased out of of this Park by a threatening mob of angry park supporters, merely because they wanted to visit the park, have lunch and view the anti-American murals. The park supporters lied, saying the five visitors were there to vandalize the murals, slandering the visitors as “white supremacists,” “racists” and “Nazis” in order to whip up the crowd into a lynch-mob mentality. Here is video of that previous event.

This event is not against Mexican-Americans or Hispanic Americans, though the radicals (maybe on both sides) will try to make it out to seem that way. Hispanic patriots will be with us flying the flag on this day in Chicano Park. Everyone is invited to bring a flag and participate in a celebration of American unity. We realize very well that there are plenty of patriotic residents of Barrio Logan. We would be very pleased to have our Hispanic brothers join us in order to help prevent any violence from occurring.

Don Diego VFW Post in Barrio Logan, home of many Barrio patriots
Barrio Logan Firehouse honoring the 9/11 heroes
Warrior Foundation in Barrio Logan

Reies Tijerina is memorialized at the Park. He was the most senior and probably the most important of the four founders of the Chicano political movement. He was revolutionary and used violence to promote his political agenda. In his autobiography, he states

“My worst enemies were not the anglos, but those hispanic Americans, who had chosen the “American Way of Life”….

Mi Lucha por la tierra, Reies Lopez Tijerina, p. 80, paperback edition. See the scanned page from the book here.

Tijerina’s object was not to bring people together but to keep them resentful and separated. Unfortunately, that is also the purpose of the radical Chicano Park and many of its most passionate supporters.

Among other acts of violence, two Hispanic law enforcement officials (vendidos), who supported the American system, were killed in the 1960’s by Tijerina’s militants in northern New Mexico. Tijerina was diagnosed in prison as a psychopath.

American Flag Banned in San Diego’s Chicano Park

Only the flags of Aztlan, La Raza and Mexico are allowed to fly freely in Chicano Park, because the park is dedicated to Chicano political militancy. That is not to say that all those, who identify as “Chicano” are also militant, but this park memorializes the militancy and anti-Americanism of the movement, which had its heyday in the late 1960’s and 1970’s.

An anti-Trump protest was held in Chicano Park on Veterans Day, 2016. A couple of patriots showed up to express their pro-American views. They had to be escorted out of the park, due to the threat of mob violence from the anti-American protesters.

The flags of Aztlan, and La Raza

The Chicanos claim that the Park is no longer U.S. territory, that it is their so-called, “sacred land” as the first part of Aztlan to be occupied. The treasonous political leaders of the City of San Diego have, in effect, ceded it to them. They identify the American Southwest as Aztlan. For that reason, they do not allow the American flag, the symbol of our sovereignty, to be raised in the center of the park in a prominent position.

In the above clip, there were at least two flag wavers, one was a courageous Hispanic veteran in uniform at the beginning. There were actually two veterans in uniform. The other flag waver appeared to be Hispanic or Asian. All of them were escorted out of the Park by police.

City leaders do not defend civil rights in this park. Escorting dissidents our of the park happens repeatedly in Chicano Park. It seems that the political and police leadership have an understanding with the militant Chicanos that they will escort people of the park, when the peaceful free speech activities of the dissenters, such as waving the American flag, offend the Chicanos and their far-left allies and they threaten mob violence.

Below a Chicana in a News report says the goal is “revolution”.

The Chicano Park Steering Committee used to prohibit the Hispanic veterans from flying the flag on their flagpole in a remote corner of the park, except on certain holidays, Fourth of July, Veterans Day and Memorial Day. The veterans started flying it every day after we exposed the general ban of the American flag in the park, except for those limited exceptions.

They still do not allow the flag to fly freely in the park at any time at any place by any person, especially not on the main flagpole in the center of the park. The American flag is relegated to an inferior position on a shorter flagpole in a remote area of the park. If you doubt this, just try to get them to fly the American flag over the Aztlan and La Raza flags that they normally fly on the main flagpole.

The park Steering Committee is dominated and controlled by radical, anti-Americans, who are offended by the flag and who don’t respect veterans, who fought under the flag. A “national historic landmark” ought to be flying the American flag proudly in a honored position, not limited, hidden and shunned.

Inverting the US Flag – What Does It Mean?

Many will tell you that an upside down American flag means “the country is in distress.” The US Flag Code allows this use of the flag in situations of “dire distress,” but the intention was distress as in immediate danger to life and limb, such as your ship is sinking at sea, an SoS signal. It does not explicitly sanction use of the flag in this way at political rallies, where no person or property is in any real immediate distress or danger. This is a political extension of the meaning and therefore not in accordance with the flag code. It is just gratuitous abuse of the flag, in order to express a political message.

Anti-Americans invert flag  at pro-illegal immigration rally
Anti-Americans invert flag
at pro-illegal immigration rally

If you use a black and white flag, though, it would not be disrespectful to the US flag and would not represent destruction of America, because it would not be the actual US flag. The black color would further symbolize your mourning. Black and white flags are available on Amazon for only about $6. Why not use that instead? It does not send a confusing, potentially, anti-American message and would not be likely to anger veterans.

Definition of “dire”

adjective \ˈdī(-ə)r\
: very bad : causing great fear or worry
: warning of disaster : showing a very bad future
: requiring immediate action : very urgent


Klansmen protest Obama election in 2008
Klansmen protest Obama election in 2008

Nazis, the KKK and other such subversive groups have long been flying the flag upside down as a symbol of their goal of overturning the current constitutional republican system. Symbols often have dual meanings, one that is told to the general public and another subversive meaning, known to a smaller group of insiders.

Inverting a symbol normally means the negation or destruction of that which the symbol represents. So, an inverted American flag is ambiguous and can either represent a SoS signal of distress or a symbol of opposition and destruction of the system. It can have both meanings to different people at the same time. So, there is a possibility for an inverted American flag to be used to send a covert signal.

The image below, from the documentary “Nazis in America: A Secret History,” was taken in 1999 at Richard Butler’s Aryan Nation compound in Couer d’Alene, Idaho. (Click the photo below to go to the documentary.) Notice the Nazi flag is higher than the original American colonial (Betsy Ross) flags, some of them inverted. Butler taught that the Founders had established an Aryan nation. So, in this case, the meaning of the inverted flag can be taken to be the Aryan Nation is in distress. To non-insiders, it could mean the American republic is in distress.

Neo-Nazis fly inverted American flags, as a
Neo-Nazis in Idaho fly inverted American colonial flags in 1999 as a “distress signal.”

It was the Nazis/KKK, who started using the flag in this way. Some Tea Partiers have evidently copied it and started abusing the flag themselves in this way. At best, it is a confusing and obnoxious symbol that associates the user with Nazis, communists and anarchists. It is an odd form of protest that provokes mostly veterans and patriots, not Obama supporters or leftists. It does not bother Obama and his supporters at all, if his opponents abuse the American flag in their protests. They do not respect the flag, either.

Of course, most Tea Partiers are not intentionally abusing the flag, but it is still disrespectful of the flag to use it for a narrow political cause. Fly the flag with respect in a way that cannot be misinterpreted and assigned perverse meaning or don’t fly it at all. The flag is the symbol of our Nation and should not be cheapened by using it to send your own personal messages. Why would any true American patriot want to use the very same symbol, of which there is a long-standing tradition of its use as a symbol of anti-Americanism and the destruction of America???

Occupiers fly desecrated American flag with Marxist and anarchist flags
Occupiers fly desecrated American flag with Marxist and anarchist flags

If you are using the same symbol as anti-American Jihadists, illegal-immigration advocates, Mexican nationalist reconquistas, communist occupiers, Klansmen and Neo-Nazis, maybe you should re-consider your choice of symbols?

Mexican flag flown over inverted American flag
Mexican flag flown over inverted American flag
Jihadists disrespect inverted US flag in embassy takeover
Islamists destroy inverted US flag
in embassy takeover in Egypt
Iranians desecrate US flag
Iranians desecrate modified US flag with only 14 stars


Warning: Profuse use of profane language.

If you don’t want to be chased down by a US Marine and combat veteran, just do not abuse the flag by flying it upside down. Too many saw their friends and fellow soldiers die or be horribly wounded fighting for what that flag symbolizes.


Trump Supporters Abuse, Deface American Flag

Video: Fined $132 for displaying an American Flag on an overpass

On OCT 8 2013, the town of Campbell WI passed an ordinance to prevent protesting on a pedestrian foot bridge that went over a highway. The fine is $132, but he had not gone to court when this video was posted. The judge may dismiss the charge, we would hope, if there is any justice and common sense left in this town of Campbell, Wisconsin.

Fined $132 for displaying an American Flag on an overpass