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Will Biden Stop The Border Wall Construction?

This is a report by Univision about the status of the border fence and whether Biden will stop the construction The was broadcast on New Years Eve and is subtitled in English. Ironically, English-language news outlets mostly ignore what’s happening … Continue reading

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Tecate Border Fence Complete – October 2020

Four miles of 30-foot steel bollard fence have been finished in Tecate, California. Previously there was mostly landing mat fence here 8-10 feet high and a couple of small sections of low bollard fence that was built probably around 2008. … Continue reading

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Reconquista Protesters Burn Trump In Effigy In Tijuana

Searching for news about the Devil’s caravan, I came across this article about protesters burning Trump in effigy at the border while demanding the return of the “lost territories”. At least, these protesters are telling the truth for a change … Continue reading

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Chicano Gang-banger Enraged by US Flag

Jesse and I went to Friendship Park on the evening of Novmember 15, 2018, where the Caravan demonstrations have been taking place. There we ran into a member of the Oceanside Pascoli gang and his family. They were enraged that … Continue reading

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