Will Biden Stop The Border Wall Construction?

This is a report by Univision about the status of the border fence and whether Biden will stop the construction The was broadcast on New Years Eve and is subtitled in English. Ironically, English-language news outlets mostly ignore what’s happening on at the border. It seems that leftist, Democratic congressmen are also more open with a Spanish-language news organization.

A total of 450 miles of bollard fence on the border is being finished as this report was made. The only thing that Biden can stop is the secondary construction, such as road-building, border lights and sensors. It seems doubtful that any of this will be stopped when Biden takes office, much less the border fence torn down.

Congressman Cuellar told the reporter that the funds allocated to building the fence should be transferred to obtain technology and other resources for border security. However, the fence will be finished by the time that Biden takes office and funds for other technology and resources, such border lights, sensor networks and roads are already in the contracts. Work is already on-going to provide these other features to support border security.

Will Biden Stop The Border Wall Construction? – Bitchute Video

2 thoughts on “Will Biden Stop The Border Wall Construction?”

  1. all we can do is hope for the best w/ BIDEN,,, but as he most likely wont be there long,,,
    but HARRIS,, that will be another story——jm

    1. If you remember, Obama had both houses of Congress during is first two years and still was not able to fundamentally transform America. Obama had a lot more political force behind him than Biden or Harris. In two years, the Republicans may be able to take back the House, Senate or both.

      Kamala was the Vice-presidental candidate, only because Obama picked her for the job. She crashed in the primaries, because few people liked her. She may have problems getting elected president or re-elected if something happens to Biden and she replaces him.

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